What is the Difference between Black Hat & White Hat SEO in 2017?

When it comes SEO, I don’t believe there is White Hat SEO . The moment you use the word optimization, it means you are trying to rank your content which might not rank naturally.

At the same time, if you are planning to build backlinks or trying to buy backlinks you enter the grey or black area of search engine optimization according to the common thought. In a competitive market, you should be naive not to believe that your competitors are not building backlinks to rank.

Some SEO experts say that by using Black Hat techniques you are putting your site into a dangerous situation of being de-indexed from Google or other search engines. This statement is true but depends on what kind black hat technique you are using. Building tons of low quality links at once is sure shot way of forcing google to punish your site.

The ideal spot to be is in the Grey Hat area where you build a site with high quality content which the users are searching for and building quality back links. With 1000s of posts released during a day’s time, it is going to be a hard task to find high quality back links naturally. The market keeps changing and you need to get in front of your audience as soon as possible effectively managing your money and time to get better ROI.

I wanted to find out how other marketers were ranking their websites in 2017. I researched to find out what was working for them and the following is a summary of this research:

1. Content
Creation of quality long form content.
Point to take: Quality over quantity.

2. Backlinks
High quality authority backlinks can help your sites to be trusted by Google.

Suggested tools : MOZ.com and Ahrefs.com for analyzing existing backlinks and backlinks you are planning to build.

3. Speed
How fast your website loads makes a huge difference in ranking high on Google. Google wants to display relevant content to their users as soon as possible and if you can help them achieve their objective, they will love you and rank you.

4. Mobile

More users are moving from desktop browsing to mobile and the usage is increasing per day. The more your site is responsive and fast on mobiles the more you will have credits to rank on top of Google.

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