Email Marketing- Why You Shouldn’t Be Buying E-mail Lists for E-mail Marketing.

Purchasing an email list is one of the most common reasons why marketers believe that email marketing does NOT work. Your potential to make them work is just as good as the quality of your email list. Most of the time these lists are spammed to death (unresponsive state) before they are sold as just a database.

I have heard of marketers who have turned dead list into profitable and active lists, but if you are not an expert then I would recommend sticking with building your own list. It might take some more effort or money than just buying a list but, can give you 100x the results.

If you really want to speed up your list-building efforts or just increase your list-size quickly, then there are some effective methods like:

  1. Ad-Swap
  2. Solo Ads
  3. Click Banking
  4. Partnering with List Builders
  5. Partnering with Product Owners
  6. Co-Registration


  1. Some useful insights here Hari. Ad-Swap is new to me

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