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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be simply defined as promoting your product, service or brand using all forms of digital advertising. The basic objective of digital marketing is to reach customers in a complete relevant, personal, timely and cost effective manner.

What Is Digital Marketing?

According the recent studies it has been estimated that almost 80% people use internet when they seek for any information about a product, service or a brand and an online marketing or digital marketing can actually helps your business to cater to that huge amount of online audience who are actually searching for your product or service. It makes your job really easy and unlike most of the traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing shows highest level of conversion.

Now you should know about different ways of implementing digital marketing strategy-

Paid advertising:

“The best things in life are free” this particular quote is not true when it comes to digital marketing. Of course natural organic marketing strategies are very effective but once you combine the paid advertising along with it, you will be in a position to drive good amount of traffic with it. Paid advertising strategies help your business to achieve more brand awareness so that you can have more revenue at the end of the day. Paid search advertising serves a very crucial role to generate high quality leads and targeted traffic. If used in a smart way, a paid search strategy has the power to enhance your overall organic search performance and it can give a huge boost to your ranking.

Social media marketing is also considered to be an inevitable part of digital marketing and paid social media marketing can seriously promote your business in the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter , Instagram etc. Nowadays most of the successful businesses are focusing more on paid social media marketing strategies.

Content marketing:

Content is the king! And it still rules the world of digital marketing. The basic objective of content marketing is promoting your business through articles, blogs, webinar, white papers, press release, direct sales copies etc. Google always likes a site with fresh, updated and valuable content and that’s the reason content marketing has become a serious strategy of online promotion.

Mobile marketing:

This is an era of smart phone and almost everyone is using smart phone. A huge number of smart phone users access internet from their phone only and that’s why a proper mobile marketing campaign can actually give a solid boost to your business. Mobile marketing includes mobile search, mobile content, optimizing website for mobile phone, mobile display ads etc.

Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is a very effective digital marketing tool. This particular marketing strategy allows you to connect with your target market, increases the visibility of your business, helps to generate high quality leads and finally makes good revenue. It is a very effective platform to post valuable content and images to bring more traffic to your business. Social media marketing includes Facebook marketing, twitter promotion, YouTube promotion, Instagram marketing etc.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is also a very effective online marketing strategy. Most of the online businesses are using this method of marketing. It helps you to reach your product or service to a large number of your subscribers who have already shown interest to your product or service. Having a personal touch is really necessary and make sure your email copy is engaging because it will convert your subscribers in to the buyers.

Marketing automation:

Time equals to money and it is highly true in the world of digital marketing. You cannot waste time by doing everything manually and that’s why having automated marketing software or model is really crucial for your business. Marketing automation model helps you in customer segmentation, integration of customer data and managing the campaign on behalf of you. You can easily tap into a vast prospective customer base with the help of effective marketing automation software.

Now, let us look into the benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become an inevitable part of any business- be it small or large one. Businesses have been utilizing different ways of advertising for decades. Brand awareness plays a very crucial role for a business and that’s the reason most of the businesses are mainly focusing on increasing the brand awareness.

In this digital era, you really have the opportunity to promote your business in front of a huge audience online. Digital marketing presents you some excellent opportunities that you cannot expect to have from any kind of traditional advertising method-

Now you should know about some excellent benefits of implementing smart digital marketing strategies-

Reduced cost:

When it comes to cost, starting a complete hardcore digital marketing campaign is highly cheaper than most of the traditional advertising methods like billboards, TV or printing commercials. You can start a digital marketing campaign with a small amount of investment. Unlike most of the conventional marketing strategies, this particular strategy mostly requires your effort and time instead of money. If you are really passionate and work r hard with your digital marketing strategy, you will be able see a significant impact on ROI.

Easy to measure:

It is really hard to measure the actual result of traditional advertisings. You cannot simply quantify the effect of traditional advertising tools like flyers, hoardings, billboards. When it comes to digital marketing, results are laid out on the table so that you can have a clear idea on what actually work, what doesn’t and where to invest your money.

Real time result:

Several online researches have already proven the fact that online buyers always tend to buy faster than offline buyers. The actual reason behind this trend is that online buyers are already aware of the product that they want and you are simply promoting your product to that targeted audience and that’s why you have better scope to sell your product or service online.

Wider exposure:

It is estimated that 80% people search information online. Naturally your reach is here not limited like traditional marketing; rather one single digital marketing campaign can present your business globally. Since the reach of internet is global, it creates an endless opportunities to grow your brand and increase ROI in a significant way.

Viral tendency:

You can actually make your service or product viral online with the help of digital marketing. A smart digital marketing solution can actually make your content to be shared rapidly and widely across the internet. The more viral your online content gets, the more popular your business will be.


Digital marketing allows a business to have an immediate impact with their clients. It gives you ample amount of scopes to collect info and keep communicating with the clients. It gives the ability which is actually important for a company’s growth.


The unlimited reach of internet technology makes it actually possible for any business to be promoted in the global platform in a very short period of time with the help of a digital marketing.  No matter what your business’s size but digital marketing can actually increase the ROI and brand awareness of your business.

Now let’s look into Digital Marketing Roles

You probably know the fact that digital marketing has become an inevitable part of any online business and now you are also planning to take a professional help for your digital marketing requirements. Hiring an experienced digital marketing agency or expert can actually give a solid boost to the brand awareness and revenue of your business. Now before start availing a service of a digital marketing company, you should know about the different digital marketing roles:-

Digital marketing apprenticeships:

Digital marketing has various and existing challenges. A digital marketing apprentice’s job is to bring traffic to the website and keep them engaged with proper marketing and designing skills and finally make them purchase a specific product or service. One of the crucial responsibilities of a digital marketing expert is to rank your website high on Google search result so that you can have good amount of targeted traffic for your business.

Digital marketing executive:

A digital marketing executive plays a very specific, individual contributor role as a crucial part of digital marketing and analytics team. A digital marketing executive has to pursue specific tasks like generating leads, lead qualification, online communications, brand building and awareness spreading etc. A digital marketing executive has to be well equipped with SEO knowledge because he needs to execute SEO on a regular basis and at the same time having the knowledge of social media marketing is also very important here.

Digital marketing specialist:

A digital marketing specialist has the same has almost the same role as marketing professional- to increase brand awareness, promote the service and product and he knows how to drive prospects to conversions. Unlike most of the traditional marketing strategies, a digital marketing specialist implements the entire marketing strategies online. A digital marketing specialist should have complete knowledge on email marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, paid search etc.

Digital marketing manager:

The role description of a digital marketing manager is actually broad. The job role of a digital marketing manager varies from organization to organization. The role of digital marketing manager in a marketing consultancy would not be same as a manager in e commerce company or a brick and mortar real estate agency. Now you should know the role of digital marketing manager-

  1. Making effective strategies to increase traffic to the website of the organization.
  2. Proper execution of different digital marketing strategies that include SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing etc.
  3. Improving the experience of users on the company’s website
  4. Collecting and managing important leads

Digital marketing consultant:

Determining a very effective marketing strategy for a successful strategy is not an easy job at all. While some successful companies have already embraced the latest digital marketing strategies, others are still struggling with keep up with the current digital marketing trend. If you are really serious about giving an edge to your online business, you should definitely hire a digital marketing consultant.

Now you should know about the role of digital marketing consultant-

A digital marketing consultant always keeps up with the latest trends of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a vast field and with a sea of information, as a normal business you may get confused between a good digital marketing practice and spam. A digital marketing consultant always knows about the right digital marketing strategy for your business so that you will see a significant boost to your traffic and ROI.


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