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If you are a local business advertising online, the first step is to stand out from the crowd (visible! isn’t it?), but it not as simple as it sounds. You might have a unique branding, positioning in market and USP, but if your funnel looks like your 100s of competitors, you will not stand out.

At the same time, if you seriously analyze, you will find that most marketers use the tried and tested layouts and landing page designs for lead generation and this is why I created the PV Impact Method (Positioning through visual impact.)

What is PV Impact?

When a user searches your brand online, what he/she finds on the resulting page visually makes a huge impact on:

1.Where the person clicks.

2.What the person thinks when he clicks.

3.Why the person clicks your ad.

If you haven’t got it yet, the most important of these three is # 2. What the person thinks (Intent).

To answer this you need to take two main things into consideration:

1. Why is he searching?

2. What is he searching for?

If you can match what he is searching with why is he searching, then you have the intention.

For example:
Mike is searching to find a store to buy shoes in New York
Mike is searching for red Nike shoes
When you combine the both, you can come to conclusion that the keywords the person searching might look like:

Buy red Nike shoes New York
Nike showrooms
Where to buy Nike shoes in New York etc
Nike Stores in New York

It is where the exact match keywords give you the most accurate intent prediction.
Now that we know how to analyze keywords, let’s see how we can use the PVI Method.
When he searches for your product or store ( if you are a local business), you want to visually create and impact (or impression) on search listing page. How do you do it?

The best way is to capture as much real estate as possible on this page.

1. Google My Business Listing
2. Ads through Adwords
3. Multiple Organic Rankings
4. Location Extensions in Adwords
5. Use Site links
6. Optimize for mobile
7. Increase your landing page speed
8. Conversion rate optimization

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