Benefits of Pay Per Click advertising has been discussed many times in many of my previous blogs but in this post, I would like to concentrate on just the benefits. If you have been or planning to use Google ads, you need analyze the benefits first. Let’s get started.

1.Targeted Advertising
When it comes to Pay Per Click advertising, you have the control of choosing your target audience and to people who are only interested in your industry. You will get highly relevant clicks with Pay Per Click. This is the advantage over traditional advertising where you can have to advertise to the mass hoping to reach your target audience.

Main Benefits of Pay Per Click

2.Optimization Capability

In the offline media, once you launch the campaign, it is very expensive and difficult to make changes to the messaging or content of the ads. Online advertising platforms can be optimized even per minute or hourly basis. For example, if your ads are not working, or receiving clicks, you can test different ads to find a winning combination. 

  1. Establish Account Goals

What are you using Google Ads for?

  1. Lead generation
  2. eCommerce
  3. Brand building

How you structure your account and the features you take advantage of will hinge on your response.

  1. Determine the audience

Developing personas is essential, what do your ideal customers do? where do they do it? when are they actively searching? on what device?