Google SEO is always changing and the algorithm is adapting and optimizing itself every day. constant updates and optimization requirements make it difficult for any content marketer to have a fixed plan or structure for SEO activities.

Even though the requirements are changing in terms of the elements or factors that are taken into account by Google for ranking a website in its top position, the main objective of any content marketer should be to provide value and establish your website as an authority in the topic in question.

It is no doubt that Google’s algorithm is sophisticated but with a proper understanding of what Google wants, you could rank your websites in google search. Search Engine Optimization is made of a few ever-changing strategies and tactics. There are few tactics that will affect your website rankings negatively if you are not careful and these are the ones we will look into today.

1. Over-optimization
When marketers identified that google gives importance and takes the content to consider when deciding which pages to rank for relevant keywords, they started to exploit this fact. Even though it was a very effective tactic in the early days of Google search, google improvised its algorithm over the years to identify and punish websites that are intentionally trying to game the search engine.

Over-optimization can be of many types but the most frequently used one is keyword repetition. This type of optimization results in a very bad user experience and increase bounce rates.

2. Keyword Cannibalization
Keyword Cannibalization happens when two pages of the same website try to rank for the same keyword. This causes your website pages to compete with each other resulting in diluting the content marketing efforts. The click-through rates of the pages begin to be split between each other resulting in lesser CTR and for each page.

Keyword cannibalization means that your content is low quality and is a bad signal when you are trying to establish authority in Google’s index.

3. Backlinks from Bad Neighbourhoods
Black hat methods like blasting forum comments or blog comments can lead to penalties from Google. Since the Google Penguin update, websites that have backlinks from bad neighborhoods or unrelated websites can have negative effects on search rankings.

4. Poor Content Quality
Duplicate and poor quality content can cause more damage than bad backlinks. Poor content can lead to a bad experience for users. This type of content reduces the trust and credibility of the website in the Google algorithm which can identify between duplicate and unique content. With the latest updates, Google can boost natural and high-quality content in the search results page.

Content Marketing doesn’t have a lot of rules but these are a few tactics that need to avoid at all costs.

To make the most out of your SEO efforts, you need to think long term and avoid trying to use the loopholes in Google’s system which will be fixed or even be a rumor than fact because no one really knows how Googles algorithm works because it is constantly updated and evolving system.