Creating Your Twitter Page for Business in 2020

Creating Your Twitter Page for Business in 2020

It is obvious that you should create a Twitter page for business to get more exposure for your brand. Twitter has grown rapidly in the social media platform for micro-blogging. This can be used by a small and large business with 100s of millions of users on the platform every day, you should have a presence on the site.

If you haven’t started, you should start learning the process of setting up a twitter account and putting it into work for your business marketing.

The steps are simple and fairly straight forward. You can follow this post to create and optimize your twitter profile.

Before creating an account you need to plan how you are going to use the Twitter page. Twitter is an open public platform. The posts are not hidden from the public unless you have a private account.

This means anyone who visits your profile can view your posts. The page will represent the brand.

The page will represent the brand.

How to create Twitter Page for Business:

  1. Visit Twitter Signup Page
  2. Enter your name and email with phone.
  3. Confirm your username and password.
  4. Upload your profile picture.
  5. Add details to your bio section.
  6. Enter your website URL.
  7. Start promoting your twitter handle.

When choosing a twitter handle you should try to make it as memorable and brandable as possible.

Stick as close as you can to your brand as possible. You can select the name twitter suggest and then later change your name and handle it if it doesn’t already exist. Make sure that it’s a catchy handle.

You need to make sure that your profile picture and cover photo meets the twitter specifications.

You can find more about this on my Twitter Header Sizes post.

What to do after you create a Twitter page for business?

Since Twitter is a microblogging site, the users use short messages that are between 100 and 140 characters in length to communicate and have conversations. The following system also enables users to follow one another and interact easily.

Unlike many online communities that restrict its users from sharing links, twitter lets you share links to other websites make it an ideal platform to share your brands content to like-minded users. This makes it also ideal for brands that like to build a relationship with their customers.

You can retweet other user’s tweets or create your own tweets to publish something on your twitter page for business. This makes tweeting much easier and faster.

Before you start promoting or posting content or tweets on your Twitter account, make sure that you follow some users and get used to how it is to be a follower.

So that you can relate with your followers once you start getting them. Users who are interested in your brand will retweet and comment on your tweets. This can be used to measure the engagement of your posts.

If your business is in a specific industry it’s advisable to follow influential or thought leaders in industry and keep yourself updated and relevant to the current conversation in the industry.

Do not forget to keep your account up to date with tweets that are relevant to your brand. You can even use Twitter as a platform to interact with your customers or provide customer service like many brands using twitter page.

Make sure that you stick to your brand’s personality at all times and this will help you build a loyal group of followers on twitter.

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I hope this post has helped in understanding why and how you can create a Twitter page for business. Kindly leave your feedback and comments below.

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