How can a Digital Marketing Specialist in Dubai help any business in 2020?

A decade ago, I was a creative director and conversion rate optimization specialist for an advertising agency before taking up the role of a full stack digital marketing specialist in Dubai. The day I was introduced to conversion optimization, I was working on split testing a set of landing pages for one of our clients. I got so involved in the process that it became my passion.

Digital Marketing Specialist Dubai

Constant self-development and constant learning is the key in adapting the latest technology and marketing trends for any digital campaign.

What does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do?

A Digital Marketing Specialist can have many responsibilities depending on factors like the industry, size of the team, and the core marketing strategy of the company.

In general, the DMS handles different aspects of Digital assets that contribute to the activities implemented for driving quality traffic and conversion for the business.

A few of these activities are as follows :

• Maintaining website and optimization of landing pages used for marketing campaigns.

• Some organization that does not have resources like a social media manager to manage their social media depends on a digital marketing specialist to use social media channels for their marketing activities.

• Even though event management doesn’t come under the responsibilities of a digital marketing specialist, a DMS should be able to promote and manage event pages on different platforms online to drive participants to events of a company.

• Email marketing is another important area where the specialist needs to manage. Leads generated through digital channels should be handled and nurtured for conversion.

• Analysing website data and creating meaningful reports to make informed decisions and provide insights into the performance of all digital marketing activities.

• Most companies new to digital marketing make the big mistake of assigning the role of content creation and copywriting to the digital specialist.

This is a mistake because content creation is a different profile and even though a digital media specialist should be aware of content marketing and content quality at no point should a company have its digital marketing specialist churning our content for its assets unless he/she is a writer cum digital marketing specialist.

• Similar to the writing responsibilities, another mistake is expecting the digital marketing specialist to be a web designer or developer.

This is usually done due to the lack of awareness about what digital marketing is. It is like expecting the doctor to do the job of a pharmacist or lab technician because of both works in the medical department.

That being said, a DMS should have a sense of design and knowledge of design theory so that any artwork or web asset can be reviewed by him/her to have a certain aesthetic quality before it goes out into the world.

Role of a Digital Marketing Specialist in Dubai

The role of a digital marketing specialist constantly evolves and shifts from one to another depending on the strategy that suits the business and its market.

A sound strategy is not created from the needs of the business but from the real need of the market. The entire process involves”

1. Development
2. Execution
3. Tracking
4. Analysis
5. Optimization
6. Reporting

These processes can be adapted for multiple channels and media.

For example when the objecting of a digital marketing campaign is to grow the user base of a company the channels be identified only from developing sound market research and analysis plan.

Once the audience and the channels to reach them are identified the digital marketer has to quickly build and execute an effective digital marketing strategy across one or several of these channels.

A few of the main channels with which a business can tap into its audience are
Google Ads
Google Search

Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Facebook Ads

Google Video Ads
YouTube Video Marketing

Apart from these major platforms. the other main ones are Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

With the emergence of a new technology every month with constant updates and innovation, a digital marketing specialist should always be upgrading and updating himself to stay ahead of the latest strategies and competitors.