Wondering what an email marketing specialist does? or do you want to become an email marketing specialist to grow your career? or are you planning to hire one for increasing your marketing efforts with email.

Whatever might be the reason, we might have to look at what email marketing is before we can look into this specific role. Email marketing is the channel in which a strategy is developed for marketing that will reach the target audience and in turn improve sales.

Email marketing consists of different operations including
1. Lead management
2. Contact segmentation
3. Email Deliverability
4. Performance Analysis

There are different kinds of email marketing strategies executed by a specialist. The base of every such strategy is to create a relationship and build trust with the leads in the funnel. A funnel can be at any stage of the buying cycle and the usage of email technology and messaging to move them across the stages is a skill that is required in this role.

You might ask why Email marketing is important to any business today. The exponential growth of marketing channels online has created an information overload and has caused an analysis paralysis situation. Even today, the majority of businesses do not understand the need for implementing a powerful lead generation and lead nurturing strategy with email automation and marketing.

What does an email marketing specialist really do then?

Let’s start with lead management. Understanding your target audience is important to manage a lead that enters the funnel. The need or requirement of the lead should be aligned with the message through each email in the strategy. The strategy for email marketing itself should be designed with segmentation and quality of the leads which includes lead source and scoring.