Looking for the best Facebook image specs? If you are running ads on Facebook in 2020 and looking for the up to date Facebook image dimensions, you are the right place

As I run Facebook and Instagram ads every day, I have to keep myself updated with these sizes and formats. The social image sizes mentioned everywhere are a bit too generic which is why I put together a detailed post explaining each of the post types and their dimensions.

Social Media Image Sizes Infographics

You can not manage a Facebook page ad without the right sizes handy at all times.

Facebook has provided the formats and sizes for images posted on the timeline and the guidelines for the ad images like the 20% text rule. These requirements need to be addressed before you post them on Facebook or Instagram.

The sizes and dimensions are organized according to their formats. These sizes are updated frequently with the change in the Facebook interface and layout updates.

Facebook’s latest update showed changes in video upload size which is now 4GB.

Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Image

Facebook Profile PhotoAdd Facebook Profile Picture

It need not be emphasized that users now use mobile more than desktop. At the same time, we should keep in mind that we do not want our branding and post images skewed and messed up on our social media for desktop or mobile users.

You can download the :

?PSD photoshop Cover template download.

You can download page cover image, group cover and event cover templates here.:

You know that basic of photoshop you can edit these templates

Aspect ration of the Facebook cover image should be 16:9

In case you aren’t familiar with photoshop you could use any of the following tools:

1) Canva
2) Snappa

These applications are free to get started and you can use them to create the basic images for social media posts.

They also show you the safe zone in grids so that you place your important elements in this safe area to prevent them from being cropped or cut off when uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.

Here is how it looks on Facebook mobile and desktop

The dimensions of a Facebook cover image are 820 pixels by 360 pixels and then could be cropped according to devices.

You could get the monthly plan for Snappa or Canva here:

?Snappa Monthly Plan
?Canva Monthly Plan

The size of a profile picture is 180 x 180 pixels.

These are resized as follows

Desktop : 180x 180

Mobile:120x 120

In case you have a higher resolution version of your display picture, you could upload 400x 400 pixels profile picture which will perfectly resize to smaller dimensions.

?Facebook Profile Picture PSD photoshop template download.

As with Instagram, Facebook profiles image is cropped and transformed to ar on the image in your ads.

Facebook photo post sizes

The post image can be customized according to your requirements but keeping a few ideal sizes will help you when you want the Facebook post to be that perfect one.

These are examples of different sizes with downloadable templates.

i) 1200x 1200 pixels – ?Download PSD Template

ii) 1080×1080 pixels –? Download PSD Template

You could use the same for Instagram

In case you are using an image post that is vertical then you ould use

1200x 1500px – ? Download PSD Template

1080×1350 px-? Download PSD

Facebook video post

Facebook doesn’t specify any specific sizes for video posts except for the Facebook ads you can use portrait or landscape videos.

Let’s look at some specification we have for video from my experience

i) 1280x 730 horizontal( 16:9) aspect ratio
ii) 720×1280(vertical Max file size is 4GB in the .mp4 or .mov format)

As the times of writing this post, the maximum depth of a Facebook video is 2hrs or 120 minutes.

Facebook link share image.

The ideal dimension fo a share link image on facebook is 1200x 630px . The minimum required size is 600x 315px.

?Download PSD Template Here

?Download PSD Template Here

Facebook Image Specs for Stories 

The aspect ratio for Facebook stories is 9:16
The dimension is 1080×1920 pixels.

You can? download PSD templates here:

When running ads on Facebook, you need to make sure that your ad images meet the 20% text rule.

Here is a template file with the grid settings.

You can disable or hide the grid layer.

1200x 628 –? Download PSD Template

1080x1080px-? Download PSD Template

These are both 20% rule-based layouts and grids.

In case you are still planning and has not set up a Facebook page for business, check out the post here

In a previous post, I had explained and provided Twitter header sizes with templates.

I hope you keep these dimensions handy and use the templates for Facebook Image sizes provided. If you have any feedback or questions kindly share it below.