Creating a Facebook page for business.

Creating a Facebook page for business.

If you are promoting your business or planning to promote on social media you need to create a Facebook business page.

Expanding your brand’s presence wouldn’t be possible without including Facebook marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

There is no other platform online in the social media world better than Facebook, when it comes to the user base and scalability.

Facebook has the most active users online from around the world. The Facebook page not only lets you separate your personal profile from your business page but use it to promote your business.

If you are planning to grow your brands on Facebook, you need to brand your Facebook page like you would with any of your other online assets.

Now let’s look in the step of creating a Facebook Business Page

  • Log into your profile you can select the option to create a page.

  • Select page name

  • Find a suitable category

  • Upload your profile picture for the page
  • Upload the cover photo
  • Add descriptions and fill out the section that says about the page.
  • Invite Friends

You will also have an option to invite your friends to follow and like your page.

I wouldn’t do that unless you want to include most of your family or friends from your personal profile on your business page.

Promoting your page is another important feature you will be presented with when you create your page.

You could make changes to this option at page create.

The sizes and formats could be found in this post: Facebook image specs for marketers

Naming the page

It is advisable to go with a short and memorable name.

The cover mage needs to be more relevant to your brand or industry.

Understanding Facebook marketing can bring you a lot of organic traffic from social but it starts with creating a solid Facebook page.

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