If you are looking for the best ebook creator you may find it difficult to choose from the many options available. In this post we will look into a few of the ebook creators and their features so that it is easier for you to make an informed decision.

Even though these tools might help you to create an ebook you may require a designer to create a custom ebook cover and graphics

An ebook creation tool would enable you to easily create , organize documents sin multiple formats like pdf , epub , mobi and even export as microsoft word file

Visme ebook creator preview:

Visme is a visual ebook creator that gives you the freedom to design ebooks , presentations and other visual media easily. With over a million users Visme offers a huge library of readymade templates that would give you a headstart in creating an ebook. If you are familiar with online visual editors you can use Visme with great ease. Visme enables you to organise content into different sections. With the built in editors you can select the font , color scheme, for the entire ebook.
The free ebook template library enables you to get started with the click of a button and customise it according to your needs. The ebook can be designed page by page with customised text and visual elements. Once you are ready to export your ebook from the creator tool you can share it in 2 different ways.Embed the ebook on a web page using an interactive ebook plugin or share the downloaded pdf or epub formats.

With the rise of self publishing the demand for ebook creation software has also increased. As a self publishing author you just need your manuscript and ebook publishing software to design and export versions of your ebook for online distribution.

The process of creating an ebook on Visme ebook creator consists of the following steps:

Choose from the template library or build from scratch
Format your ebook content using content blocks
Customise your ebook covers abd add/remove pages inserting content boxes,decide fonts ,colours ,images ,charts and graphs
You can export your ebook in multiple formats or share as a link

Available export formats are pdf , png , html , ppt , pptx or can also be printed from a pdf with bleed marks for print.

How much does Visme online ebook creator cost :

With a freemium pricing model Visme is a great tool to create an ebook but you will need an upgrade to $15 per month standard plan to download pdf , add charts. The standard plan enables you to remove the Visme branding from your projects. Additionally you get upto 15 projects and 250 mb storage in the standard plan. Creating an ebook is much easier with an online ebook creator like Visme even if you are just a beginner. Even though Visme us basically an ebook creator it can be used for

  • Creating presentations
  • Creating documents
  • Creating videos
  • Creating infographics
  • Creating printables
  • Creating social media graphics


Now let us look into one of the main competitors of Visme ebook creators. Lucidpress ebook maker. If you are planning to create an ebook but your designing skills and resources are limited to do the same Lucipress is one of the best available tools. Lucidpress comes with an easy to use drag and drop ebook builder.

The builder comes with customised templates for creating ebooks without any designing skills. The customisable template comes with options to edit fonts, colours , visual elements according to your requirements. You can import content from different platforms like Adobe , Indesign , Google docs and dropbox. Since it is an online platform you need not download any tool. If you are not a professional designer Lucidpress could be an amazing add on to your tool kit as an ebook creator.

If you are looking for a design tool that is cloud based to create ebooks, brochures , invites or reports Lucidpress can be used to achieve this. Canvas sizes can be adjusted to match your desired dimensions. You could embed video or gif files in the document and share online. Documents can be exported in pdf , png and jpg formats.

Since Lucidpress is a cloud platform you could collaborate with your team in real time. With a 7 day trial and a free plan with limitations Lucidpress has the most competitive pricing in the market starting at $3 per user per month. The higher price plans offer advanced features like account management and data automation. With over 8 million users and clients including Amazon, Prada and Netflix Lucidpress is a fast moving ebook creator for individuals , teams and businesses.

In short Lucidpress makes it easy for non tech savvy , casual designers to create ebooks, and other visual content.

Depending on your requirements you could decide among the 2 best ebook creation tools mentioned above. When it comes to pricing Lucidpress is the winner but when user intuitiveness and ease of use matters Visme scores better.

I would recommend you to take a trial of both and then take an informed decision.