Google Analytics – Linking with Google Ads Account

Google Analytics – Linking with Google Ads Account

If you have Google Analytics installed, I recommend that you link your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts.

Linking the two will give you a much greater ability to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Some of the metrics you’ll be able to see are:

  • User behavior down to the keyword level
  • Actual ROI on all levels (Campaign, Ad Group, Ad, Keyword, Search)
  • Option to import conversions from Analytics
  • Cost data from Google AdWords campaigns

Link Your AdWords and Analytics Accounts?

Linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts is easy. The only requirement is that you be set up as an administrator on your Google Analytics account.

To link Google Analytics and AdWords click Reporting.

In AdWords, you can link through a setup:

Google Analytics:

If you already have an Analytics account just click I already have a Google Analytics Account and choose this in the subsequent dropdown menu that comes up.

Your AdWords and Analytics accounts are linked together.

Known issues when linking AdWords and Analytics

There are some known issues associated with the linkage. 


Already linked with another:

This is one of the most common issues. When this happens, you have to go into your Analytics account through your AdWords account and unlink your AdWords account.

As a side note, you cannot link your Analytics account with more than one AdWords account and vice versa.


I’m not the Analytics Administrator:

If you are not an administrator you cannot make the

link. Contact the administrator and get him or her to make you an administrator.

I’ve linked the accounts, but I’m not seeing any data: This often happens because you have

unsubscribed Auto-Tagging of your AdWords links.


You can undo this by accessing your AdWords account and then clicking

My Account>Admin>Property > Property Linking> Adwords.

Importing Goals from Google Analytics

Once you’ve made the link between Google AdWords and Google Analytics you’ll be able to import Goals/Transactions directly from your Analytics account.

In theory, you don’t have to use the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking as long as you use Analytics for this. However, there is a 48-hour delay on data imports from Analytics to AdWords.

That means you must wait 48 hours before you see the correct data. For many businesses, this will become a problem in the long run.

For example, if you optimize your account at scheduled times every week you’ll always miss the last two days of data.

You can of course just go two days back, but I think it’s somewhat annoying that I can’t see what’s going on the day before in AdWords.

I recommend that you stick to Conversion Tracking in AdWords and then combine the results with the ROI data from Google Analytics.

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