Digital Marketing has grown 10x or even 50x in the last few years alone. As a digital marketer in Dubai, I try to keep myself updated with the latest technology and platforms evolving every day in the digital marketing industry.

Over that last 12 years of working in this industry, I have been able to watch the rapid growth and feel it’s impacted in multiple verticals and multiple countries including the United States, India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

For the last five years in Dubai, I have integrated Digital marketing into multiple businesses to grow exponentially.

As we progress, I will explain different digital marketing channels and how you can use it marketing any product or service.

With the introduction of high-speed internet and internet penetration skyrocketing in the middle east and Asian countries, the task of reaching the right target audience has become much easier than it used to be a decade ago.

Web users are browsing faster than before and on a more regular basis. Smartphones have enabled internet access on the go. Offline advertising has been replaced with Digital marketing for many reasons including effective tracking and control over creative optimization.

Since the launch of Google Ads Search Engine from Google in 2008, Search engine marketing has grown to another level of sophistication. New channels also have emerged like Social Media and Mobile Marketing.

Why do businesses need a digital marketer in Dubai?

A digital marketer enables a business to create strategies and marketing campaigns for digital platforms. Campaigns on these platforms need constant observation and optimization, unlike traditional marketing channels.

With the current situation around the world, the results of offline marketing like a door to door marketing are almost ineffective, and digital marketing reaches the same audience through devices.

Growing with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has many divisions like:

1. Email Marketing (Email Marketing Templates)
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Search Marketing
4. Mobile Marketing

Search Marketing is really effective for businesses as it has the power to deliver most target audiences and audiences even in the buying phase of the sales cycle.

Search Engine Optimization is a key division of search marketing because there are billions of searches on Google every day and receiving a percentage of these clicks can grow any business if the website or pages are ranking in Google for relevant keywords of the business.

Attracting customers who are searching for your product or services is the dream of every business owner.

Optimizing your business website and the content on the pages is really crucial for success in search engine optimization campaigns as a digital marketer.

A well-designed website with a user-friendly interface and navigation will instill trust and improve the user experience on the website which will lead to an increase in average time spent on the website.

Social media posts can generate traffic to your website just like search engines. Social signals can help in search engine rankings which is social proof of a real business.

The two divisions of SEO are:

1. On-page SEO
2. Off-Page SEO

These two activities can help you drive search traffic to your desired pages with relevant content. Focusing on the content on these pages.

Digital marketing always require some amazing tools that will help you throughout your digital marketing career. Some of the very best tools are:

  1. Landing Page Builders
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
  3. Analytics Tools
  4. Research Software and Tools
  5. Social Media Management Tools
  6. Project Management Software
  7. CRM and ERM systems for Marketing
  8. Email Marketing Software
  9. Content Management Software
  10. Designing Tools

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