Email marketing sequences has been said to have the best return on investment but most companies fail to put into the use. Even if they implement an email marketing program, unfortunately, a majority of them fail or have low performance.

If put into the right strategy, email marketing has the potential to skyrocket the ROI. We will be looking at different tactics and strategies to make most out of your email marketing campaigns in this post.

After creating email sequences for our clients and companies I have worked for in the last 10 years of my digital marketing career, I will show you some of the strategies that have worked for me in creating email sequences for marketing.

Every business should have an email marketing plan and it doesn’t matter which vertical you are into.

Before we proceed any further, we need to make something clear about what to expect. Email marketing is the best channel for obtaining the best ROI as said before but it can not fix a broken funnel.

If the sales cycle is not optimized, no matter how good your email marketing activities are, you are not going to receive any results. If your product, sales team, and customer service is not aligned with business objective again, it doesn’t matter if you have email marketing or sequence that nurtures the leads successfully.

Personalization and customization are required for any channel. You can not use the same content or language on social media and email sequences.

Apart from the above bottlenecks, if you are driving the wrong audience to your website or lead capture system, your email marketing efforts will go into vain. Building a relationship with your audience is important but what is more important is the quality of the audience and their indent.

Open rates don’t mean you will have the best ROI. When you are able to achieve high open rates, it means you have good subject lines. Any optimization process for email marketing should involve testing and measuring click rates and conversions.

An email marketing sequence and an email that is part of the campaign should be aligned to achieve one objective. This can be a lead conversion or purchase, which is proof that the nurturing is working. Moving an email subscriber through a funnel is not easy and that is the goal of an email marketing campaign.

Another good practice is using the call to action buttons multiple times in the email so that the user has more available links to click to the same page.

KEP – Keep Emails Simple

Plain text emails are much more response invoking when compared to design based HTML emails. Emails with heavy images and design will most probably be identified as promotional by most email clients.

Text emails are not very pretty but that’s not the purpose of an email or email campaign, if the copywriter has done his job, you do not meet an elegant design or state of the art email template to make it work for getting more engagement and sales.