Figuring out how to do niche research is not easy. I have done it through trial and error and you don’t have to.

If you have read my blog on setting up a niche blog, you know that you need to find a niche for the blog.

Let’s see how we can find one. A niche is the key starting point of any blog.

The entire blog and the content revolve around this factor. For example, if you are a business professional and are planning to provide business tips through the blog, then you are in the business niche.

Selecting a niche can be a daunting task and this is where most people get stuck wondering if it is the right choice once they finalize a niche.

You will fail before you begin if you choose the wrong niche to start with. You should find a niche that is profitable as well as interesting for you to work in.

You will be spending a lot of time writing content and marketing the site, if you do not like the topic, you wouldn’t be able to spend a lot of time on it and will lose interest gradually.

Developing a blog is really hard work and it takes time. You need the right niche and right strategy to drive traffic that converts.

Here is a list of 30+niche ideas:

1. Personal Finance
2. Blogging Blogs
3. Business
4. Exercise and Fitness
5. Diet and Weight Loss (How to create a Fitness Blog)
6. Mom Blogs
7. Lifestyle Blogs (Check my post on Monetizing a Lifestyle Blog)
8. Food Blogs
9. Make Money Online
10. Fashion
11. DIY & Crafts
12. Drawing & Painting
13. Music
14. Cinema
15. Beauty Blogs
16. Bikes
17. Cars
18. Trucks
19. Books and Literature
20. Gaming
21. Family & Relationships
22. Parenting
23. Home Based Business
24. Home Improvement
25. Insurance
26. Investing
27. Legal ( If you are a qualified lawyer or attorney)
28. News and Society
29. Pets
30. Real Estate
31. Sports
32. Education
33. Self Improvement
34. Product Reviews
35. Startup
36. Writing (Read my post on my CRAFT content creation system)

How to do Niche Research from scratch and where do you start?

I start all my research from a few authority sites. Since my main methods of monetization of the blogs will be ads and affiliate product sales. I start with browsing Amazon.

I need to find low competition and products in demand to promote through the blog. If keywords are getting an average search volume of 500 per month.

At the same time, a high competition keyword would make it difficult and sometimes impossible to rank the website.

You can find categories with a high commission on amazon here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/node/topic/GRXPHT8U84RAYDXZ

You should also be aware of the average selling price of the products in the category. The higher the product price the more commission you will make per sale that you get as an affiliate.

When searching for products in a category, you could use the price filters to find products that fit our criteria:

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