How to Improve the Landing page in 2020

How to Improve the Landing page in 2020

Do you want to improve the landing page? One of the things I think is often overlooked is a slow-loading landing page and that is the first issue that needs to be resolved for many reasons.

Not long ago I was working with a client’s campaign that had run well in the beginning but suddenly stopped being profitable.

How to Improve the Landing Page

After some digging, I discover that the only change in the campaign and on the website was a slow load time label. Google had also reduced the Quality Scores on their best keywords from 10/10 to 6/10, which resulted in a large loss of traffic. They had to increase their bidding to regain some of the positions they had before.

Their slow-loading website greatly damaged the campaign (and the conversion rate in general). Therefore, always keep an eye on whether you have a bad load time. You do this by holding the mouse on the diagnostic tool next to a keyword:

It’s important that you link your primary keywords to a part of your website that contains the keywords somewhere on the page.

Doing this will not only give your visitors the feeling that they’ve reached the correct part of the website, but it will also raise your Quality Score.

Don’t add those keywords at random places on the page. Doing so will do more harm than good. If you can’t get the keywords incorporated naturally into your text, then don’t do it.

Other elements that are bad and doesn’t work for improving landing page Quality Score are:

  • Pop-ups (advertising as well as internal pages)
  • Duplicate Content
  • No outgoing links on the landing page (poor structure/difficult to navigate)
  • Pages with only images

You can create an amazing landing page and find a lot of resources on landing page optimization on Unbounce.

If you are using WordPress, you could use plugins to improve the performance of the landing pages in terms of speed and content optimization.

I hope this post has given you some insights on how to improve the landing page for your campaign. Please let me know your comments and feedback below in the comments.

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