Looking to sell or buy anything from Mercari and wondering if Mercari is safe to do business on? Read the post to have complete details about it.

What is Mercari?

Mercari is an e-commerce company founded by Shintaro Yamada in 2013. Its earlier name was Kouzoh, Inc. It is an e-commerce marketplace, where different buyers and sellers engage themselves and they buy and sell different things with the help of even their Smartphones. The company is very popular among the people of Japan and the USA. A unique shipping system is followed in Japan, where users are allowed to ship different items anonymously with the help of various agreements with Yamato transport and Japan Post. The shipment usually takes place from local convenience stores. However, in the USA, USPS, UPS and FedEx collaborates with Mercari. It allows the users to print labels. Additionally, sellers are also allowed to use a separate purchase label when they deal with larger items.

Is Mercari a Safe Marketplace to buy from?

To answer this question, we need to understand some valid points. Let us see them one by one.

How much reliable is Mercari?

Undoubtedly, Mercari is a legitimate company. However, ultimately we know it is the people who work here. It is indeed true, that most of the buyers and sellers working here are real people, but in some cases we may find some illegitimate users and we need to stay away from them as much as possible by following some guidelines.

Do people get scammed here?

The answer to the question is a Sad “YES”. Some scammers lure the buyers to fall prey to them by lowering the price of expensive items. Mercari does not release any payments until the product is received by the buyer, then how are they scammed? Sometimes, the scammer tries to convince the buyers to communicate with him with the help of his other social media platforms. In this way, Mercari is unable to catch the scammer and do anything related to it. The scammer gets success only due to the buyer’s mistakes and ignorance. The guidelines of Mercari clearly mention that they are not responsible for any scams that are happening outside Mercari.  Therefore, it is recommended for the users to follow some of the important guidelines before starting any buying / selling in Mercari. Some of the guidelines are listed as under: –

  • Never buy any items from the seller who has not uploaded any proper picture of the items he is trying to sell: – It happens many times that the buyer didn’t receive the item he/she is supposed to get. The scammer simply describes the item with all the good features without uploading any relevant images for it. Try to avoid buying things from them.
  • Never deal anything outside the Mercari app: – As per the strict guidelines mentioned by the Company, it is not responsible for any scams that happen outside the app as said earlier. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to deal anything with the buyer / sellers that force you to communicate with them with their social media accounts other than the Mercari itself. This may cause you enough damage.
  • Never lose your privacy: – It is not recommended to share your personal details like phone number, email address and other contact information with anyone.
  • Never share your Mercari login details: – It will be an act of foolishness to share your Mercari login details and password with anyone including other third party websites.
  • Be extremely cautious with your password: – Passwords are the most important factors of retaining privacy. All the users must be extremely cautious while dealing with passwords. They must choose a strong password and remember to change it frequently. Additionally, they must never share their passwords with anyone.
  • Be smart and skeptical: – A smart user will always research about the products he is going to deal with before performing any further action. Each buyer and seller has some ratings and reviews. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly check them before dealing. However, new users have no reviews and ratings. For them, try to check the above mentioned points like whether they have provided proper product description with images, communicating within the Mercari app etc.
  • Sell things which are allowed to sell: – Mercari will suspend any account and cancel all the transactions if the seller tries to sell any prohibited items. Sell good things and live happily.
  • Don’t fall prey to luring prices: – It is unlikely that you can get an expensive item for some few dollars. Don’t get attracted to it and think smartly. No sellers can sell you genuine expensive items with low price.
  • Check your order perfectly: – In Mercari, you have 3 days to confirm your order. Therefore, check the product carefully, and then mark it complete. Once you mark it as complete and rate your seller, the seller can get the payment.
  • Perform shipping properly: – Try to ship the items within 3 business days from the purchase date. The packaging must be neat and remember to provide a tracking number to complete the transaction. Click on “I’ve shipped it” on the Order Status after shipping it. In this way you can gain the trust of the buyer and the company as well.

Thus, we can infer from this that Mercari is indeed a safe marketplace to buy or sell from provided the users follow the guidelines strictly and appropriately.

What are the items that are prohibited to sell on Mercari?

As mentioned earlier, Mercari will suspend the account of the sellers if they try to sell any prohibited items. Some of the prohibited items that you can’t sell on Mercari are listed as under: –

  • Drugs
  • FDA restricted items like Foods
  • Any weapons like firearms and parts
  • Tobacco and alcohol related items
  • Age restricted products like license
  • Gambling items
  • Animals
  • Human body parts
  • Things which are the property of others like dropshipping
  • Computer virus or malware type items

Some of the advantages of Using Mercari are: –

  • Selling prices are low
  • Easier shipping process
  • Good communication process before buying
  • Free listing
  • User friendly business
  • Fair price
  • Easier listing process

    Some of the disadvantages of Using Mercari are: –

  • Some inactive sellers
  • No payments to the seller until the buyer rates

Conclusion: –

Mercari is therefore a wonderful place to perform buying and selling. Follow the guidelines and you have no fear of being cheated. It is a place where the buyers can get the things want with ease and the sellers get the right payment for their products. In this way it is helping both the users. Thus, it is recommended to follow proper codes of conduct and perform buying and selling happily.