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Print-on-demand companies facilitate the users by printing items with required designs as soon as the orders are made. These print on demand providers take the order to print a required design by working with the drop shippers. They customize the white label products which include caps, T shirts, Leggings, hoodies etc. under the name of the seller’s brand or the pre-made print designs of other customers. Thus, the name “PRINT ON DEMAND” is perfectly justified. Among all the biggest companies out there to perform POD services, Printify and Printful remains as one of the two biggest print-on-demand service provider.

Let us see them individually along with their comparisons.


Printful is an ecommerce backend service that allows anyone to turn their ideas into products and start selling them online for profit. Professional entrepreneurs use the platform to serve their business needs by creating custom apparel and printed products without having to invest in inventory or logistics, as the work of managing suppliers is done for them with Printful. Professional entrepreneurs can even take advantage of Printful’s dropshipping service and create custom products for their business, without having to pay for the entire order upfront.

Printful works with hundreds of suppliers internationally, all of whom are based in California, USA (where the company is also based).

As mentioned above, Printful makes use of many different suppliers to produce each product, and this allows for a large array of products and price points.

Professional entrepreneurs who sell on Printful can take advantage of features like:

– Professional design tools (to create custom designs and order mockups)

– Priority printing (products are customized on demand, so they do not require excess inventory)

– Multi-channel fulfillment (products are printed in California, USA and shipped to customers worldwide)

Professional entrepreneurs who use Printful will have access to features like Professional design tools (to create custom designs and order mockups), Priority printing (products are customized on demand, so they do not require excess inventory) and Multi-channel fulfillment (products are printed in California, USA and shipped to customers worldwide). Printful also allows Professional entrepreneurs to utilize their dropshipping service by granting access to features like Product mockups that help Professional entrepreneurs create designs using real product images, Customer support that helps Professional entrepreneurs troubleshoot any issues with orders they receive directly on their Professional store.

One needs to sign up and connect their store with Printful to get the works done. Printful has a mockup generator that lets the users to work on their custom products. The design tool, i.e. mockup generator helps the users by creating virtual customizable prints for the products they want. Users simply need to select the suggested templates available for over 200 products and create photos to print with high-resolution.

Some of the categories of products that Printful supports are: –

Accessories: – bracelets, necklaces, phone cases, stickers.

Clothing: – hoodies, T-shirts, shorts, leggings, polo shirts and others.

Bags: – tote bags, laptop bags, backpacks, fanny packs and others.

Collections: – workwear, streetwear, sportswear etc.

Home and living: – blankets, pillows, posters, canvas, bean bags, beach towels etc.

Printful allows the users to design these products and then import all these product designs to the user’s store. After completing these steps, users need to promote their products to the audiences available in the market. As soon as the order comes, the selling process begins.

Printful Integrations

Printful has been a long time favourite of Shopify users who use print on demand services.

They have an easy to use app, with both automatic and manual order fulfilment, as well as order tracking – which can all be done from within Shopify itself. They have a wide range of products available, but the best bit is they offer custom printing options for most of them too – meaning if your product is not listed you can request it to be added and they will do so free of charge!

Printful also keeps up with their competitors by offering wholesale pricing options as well as drop shipping items directly from their own warehouses, making them ideal for those who wish to keep stock in house.

Printful’s main downsides are their slow delivery times for custom printed items, and the minimum order quantities required on most products.

Currently offering free next day deliveries on all stock items ordered before 2pm.

(or 3-10 day international deliveries) – Their overnight shipping is possibly the fastest of all print on demand companies.

Printful can be connected directly with Shopify, making adding new products very easy indeed. The process is simple: simply follow Printful’s instructions to connect your Shopify account which will automatically add your product galleries, and custom options if available. You can still choose some options manually if you wish though. Once you have set up your product listings within Printful you will need to select whether you want to use Printful’s warehouses or your own inventory. This is done on a product by product basis, and only needs to be set up once unless you change the settings for a product.

Printful can also be connected to other eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Bigcommerce – but we will concentrate here on Shopify integration due to its popularity.

TIP: The first thing you need to do is install Printful’s app from the shopify app store (See below). When uploading images this way it is preferred that you use their free mockup service prior to upload which allows you see exactly how your design will look before making an order, although this isn’t necessary! You can then manage your printworks and other settings after the app has been installed.

Once launched, simply select which product you would like to create a listing for, enter your details and upload your design. Your shirt will go straight into production once all options have been finalised! Adding additional products is just as easy too. You can either use their automatic or manual fulfilment methods, or if you are using another 3rd party service such as UPS you can connect it with Printful instead. It is important to note that Printful do not accept custom orders at this time, but will happily print images submitted by the customer should they wish to send them through themselves (outside of mockup service).

Printful’s Competitors for Custom Printing

Printful’s main competitor is PrintAura, but as of yet they still do not offer any custom printing options on products such as mugs and hoodies (although this may change in the future). They are both very similar services that will appeal to different types of users – with Printful tending towards those who wish for a more automated service, and PrintAura being ideal for those who do not yet have a large online store but want to test out the market without committing too heavily.

Although neither Printful or Printaura offer custom orders at this time, there are many other services that can produce your designs for you should this be an essential requirement. These include:

– Redbubble
– Society6
– Zazzle

Printful is a great choice if you wish to: – Offer users free worldwide shipping on orders over $40 (which can easily be reached for custom products). – Receive items quickly – with both next day delivery in the USA and flat rate deliveries of 3-10 working days worldwide. – Offer a huge variety of products for customers to choose from with over 500+ products available, including phone cases, mugs, hoodies , wall clocks, shower curtains and more!

Printful is not so suitable if you wish for: – To create custom designs yourself, although this can be done by uploading your images to the free mockup service first. – For a very speedy turnaround of just 1-2 days. Redbubble are much faster at 3-7 days turnarounds, but cannot offer custom printing options as yet.

Suppose you have a store and a customer has ordered a product from your store, Printful will print the product, pack it and then ship it on its own. However, the dropshipper has to pay the costs after the order has been made.


Printify also uses the mockup generator along with its drag and drop tools to make the process more user friendly. Printify has different combinations of colors that helps to create 3D high quality product image. It works with many top level print designers and brands that tend to improve the products’ overall quality. The POD service provider has an algorithm that helps in sorting these brand giants based on location, prices and bestselling. Users can have trials with Printify. Here they can request for samples and feel and check the products’ quality and designs. If they are satisfied with it, they can then move to the next steps and start working with it. Printify allows customization of designs in different products like hoodies, mugs, shirts, leggings and others.

What are the comparisons between Printful vs Printify?

Let us see the differences between these two top POD services that may help you to look for the best service that you require. Both the tools are unique in their own way, but user requirements may vary and thus, the differences will help the users to look the service they want.

Pricing Comparison Printful vs Printify: –

Services offered by Printful are:

  • Outside label: – Here you will be given the chance to customize your label where you want your brand to get displayed. Price: -$2.49 per label.
  • Long sleeve print: – allows you to print beautiful designs on long sleeves. Price: -$5.95 per sleeve.
  • Short sleeve print: – designs on short sleeves. Price: – $2.49 per sleeve.
  • Embroidered logo: – designs on logo. Price: – $2.95 per additional placements.
  • Pack-ins: – it includes flyers, business cards or stickers. Price: – $0.75 per order.

Printful has a profit calculator where users can see the perfect expectations in net profit per product sold.

Services offered by Printify are: –

  • Free Plan: – $ 0/month. This plan includes 5 stores per account along with unlimited product designs. The plan is suitable for drop shippers who are new to the business.
  • Premium plan: – $29/month. It includes 10 POD stores per account along with unlimited designs. It is the most popular package that provides up to 20% discount on all ordered products for the drop shippers.
  • Enterprise plan: – It facilitates custom pricing. The drop shipper will get a custom API integration where there is no limit to the number of stores. They can fulfill over 10,000+ orders per day.

 Final verdict: – Printify is cheaper than printful but the pricing of the former is not defined clearly while printful, even being expensive has defined all their services properly.


With over 3 million orders every year, printful assures to complete the shipping process within 4 business days.

The pricing for the shipping are listed as under: –

First product

  • Australia/New Zealand: – $6.99
  • Canada: – $6.49
  • Worldwide: – $5.99
  • Europe: – $4.39
  • USA: – $3.99

Additional Product

  • Australia/New Zealand: – $1.25
  • Canada: – $1.25
  • Worldwide: – $1.25
  • USA: – $1.25
  • Europe: – $1.09.

The shipping time taken by Printify is more due to fewer fulfillment centers. The shipping time breakdown is listed as under: –

  • International: – 10-30 days.
  • Canada: – 10-15 days.
  • USA: – 7-15 days.

Final verdict: – Printful provides full details of shipping and fulfillment process in details.


All the news users of Printful can avail the onboarding session for free. Additionally, the company has a useful blog section where users can clarify their doubts with ease.  Users can call, start a chat or send an email to avail the customer service option. Printify on the other hand has a help center with pre written articles on various useful topics like integrations, troubleshooting, payments, products and much more. Along with this they also run a blog that helps the users in many ways by providing a number tips on design trends, marketing and success stories.

Final verdict: – Both the companies support its users with the best possible ways.


The in-built APIs of both the companies perform extremely well that helps the customers to integrate with large e-commerce platforms.  The integration list of printful is longer than Printify as along with Shopify and WooCommerce, it synchronizes with other channels too, like Squarepace, BigCommerce, Weebly, Wcwid to name a few.

Final verdict: – Printful is clearly the winner here with a longer integration list.

Product designs and quality: –  

Both the companies look to provide quality designs to its customers. Printify works as a conventional channel with long-established POD products while Printful looks for victorious product designs. There is nothing wrong in the part of Printify. The long-established POD products seem to go well with the customers and both the brands are making their users happy with their unique designs.

Some special features of Printful to like about: –

  • Unique products.
  • Longer list of integration with major shopping cart channels.
  • Quality products.
  • Larger customer base across the US and Europe.
  • A large number of fulfillment locations.

Some special features of Printify to like about: –

  • Freedom to choose your favorite printing provider.
  • Cheaper than Printful.
  • More than 200 products to choose from.
  • Comprehensive pricing structure.