Every business needs the top back up software. Daily hundreds of websites are hacked and data is lost. This very unfortunate for business owners as every business wants to protect their data and effectively back this up with backup software.

Most businesses run on a lot of data-based decisions on a day to day basis. This makes data very valuable for these businesses. Protecting the data is crucial in these cases and the best way to do it Is through data backup software.

Today let us look into a few of the backup software products available online for purchase.

1. Backblaze

Backblaze is an online cloud backup system that is affordable when compared to other similar cloud platforms,.

The prices of backing up are cheaper and the process is also easy and fast.

Backblaze comes with an android and ios app for managing the account with mobile phones. This makes it easier to download or transfer files between devices using back blaze.

Even though the subscription is restricted to one computer per account the pricing is affordable as mentioned before at $6 per month.

2) AOMEI backup software

AOMEI supports multiple types of backup including files backup & disc backup. With a strong customer base spread around the world, they have been growing rapidly inducting new features.

One such feature is the scheduled backup feature. This feature enables the user to schedule automatic backup on a daily , weekly, and monthly basis.

Internal and External backups

AOMEI backup can create a backup on internal storage as well as an exuberant storage device like SSD base external devices.

With 90 days money-back guarantee AOMEI is priced at $60 for a lifetime. It doesn’t seem to have a monthly subscription like other backup software services online

 Top Back Up Software for Enterprise Level Companies

3) Novastor

Novastor is one of the most flexible and affordable backup solutions for enterprises and businesses with large volumes of data .

Another feature that makes Novastor an ideal backup software for a large business is the scalability.

It works on a distributed system that optimizes the workload as the volume of data processed increased.

Unlimited scalability and compatibility with multiple technologies come with a cost but not large for the target audience and their requirements.

Novastor is priced around $2500 per year can scale to $9500 per yead depending on the requirements.

The above-mentioned platforms can provide a safe back up for data storage if your business can afford to save and avoid data loss to hackers or system crashes.