Are you trying to figure out the difference between the available Instagram account types?

If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place to know about it in details. There are mainly two major categories of Instagram accounts:-
1) Personal account
2) Professional account/page.
As the name suggests, personal accounts are normally used by many individuals only for their personal posts, updates and for making new friends. These accounts have a limited number of features and are used to remain connected with family and friends. They don’t have anything to deal with analytics and business related ads. People cannot add their phone numbers for any business purpose too. You cannot monetize with your personal accounts.

Professional accounts/pages are again divided into two sub categories, i.e. Business accounts and creator accounts. Professional accounts are the best recommended for any digital marketer. In business accounts you can do all sorts of things that are beneficial for your business. You can use it for any advertising purpose, get into the insights and analytics, manage and create promotions and give access to different scheduling tools. Creator accounts are meant for those who want to create content. These are recommended for content creators and influencers.

You can get access to the FB creator Studio with the help of a creator account. Instagram usually separates Business account from creator account. Creator accounts are for those who do not have a business mindset or don’t want to do a business with their content. Both the Business account and creator account have the nearly same features.

Is switching over from one account to another account possible?

Yes, it is possible to switch over from personal to professional account and vice versa but one important point is needed to keep in mind while switching.
If you switch from Business account to Personal account, your data of insights of posts in business account will be removed. This means if you switch over from business to personal and again if you want to switch over from personal to the previous business account, you can switch, but you will be unable to find the insights of posts existed earlier. Thus, there is a data loss in switching.

Steps for switching from one account to another:-

Let us suppose we have a personal account already created and we want to switch it to either business or creator account then,
1) Click on the menu button.
2) Click on settings.
3) Click on accounts. Scroll down and you will see two options stating
Switch to Business account.
Switch to creator account.
4) Click on either of these to switch.

In the same way we can switch over from business to personal accounts, business to creator accounts or creator to personal accounts too.

How to find competitors in Instagram Accounts?
If you have made your new Business account on Instagram or you are very new to Digital marketing, you might not know how to begin or how to gain growth. You can get ideas from other successful business accounts by viewing their strategies, their posts, how things are working for them and much more. It is recommended not to plagiarize their ideas, but, get some new ideas of how doing it. This method of getting inspirations from other successful account holders for your own business growth is termed as a competitor researching.

For doing competitor research you need to find the competitors first, i.e. you need to search for the suitable competitors in Instagram that relate to your Business. Some competitors might be known to you while some might not. For finding unknown competitors, make a list of some keywords related to your business and use those keywords to find unknown competitors through Google. Additionally, keep in mind to find those competitors in Instagram too.

Some Competitors in the form of companies might have different names in Google and Instagram. Therefore, it is important to find the proper Instagram account/page name. Try to find as many competitors you can for getting a wide range of ideas and inspirations.

Then you need to thoroughly research the competitor’s accounts, posts, their strategies, the number of followers, methods of working and other such things in a proper way. Find those accounts which have a large number of followers and research their bio. Also, Research their fonts, texture of writings used in their posts and themes to enlarge their Business. Check for the call to action buttons, any hashtags used in a particular post and how much likes and the reactions it received.

Try to find out any unusual activity that happened in a particular post or a sudden growth of followers in a week. Research for the possible reasons for it and note it down as recordings. Compare many Instagram accounts and try to grasp the positive information from all of those. Identify whether any video post or image post is getting more engagement. Apart from these, look for any other unique information for which they are getting enough growth.

Researching competitor’s account gives you a basic idea of how to start or enlarge your business. For making a business successful, try to implement what you have learned by researching their accounts. Learn from their mistakes and don’t test the same mistakes again. The strategies that worked for them are more likely to work for you if your niche is same as of theirs.

Remember again, not to copy their ideas completely, but get new ideas from their strategies. For better results, research multiple accounts; identify their negative and positive strategies. Remember, in some cases the things that didn’t work for one competitor might work for you that you never know. In that case, researching multiple accounts will guide you to find the strategy which worked the best for the majority of the people or something that didn’t work. You can then decide better to follow the proper strategy for your own business.

How to share a post on Instagram?

Someone else’s Posts can be shared on Instagram, provided the user allowed sharing of their posts in their settings. You can share their post either to your story or to any particular friend by following simple steps.

For sharing the post to your story, tap on the paper airplane icon under the post and then “ADD POST TO YOUR STORY”.
For sharing the post to any particular friend, follow the first step and then click on the friend’s name from the list of friends that appears.
Sharing posts to your feed is little trickier. For that you need to have any resharing app that connects to Instagram. This will help you to share it again to your feed. You have to simply copy the post’s link and then reshare. The benefit of the apps is that it will tag the original creator too as a formal citation to the original creator of the post.
How to create a second Instagram Account?

You can also create a second or multiple Instagram accounts. The steps to create multiple Instagram accounts are noted below:-
1. Click on your profile picture and go to your profile.
2. Tap on the top right, then tap on settings.
3. Scroll down and you will see an option stating ADD ACCOUNT. Click on it.
4. Enter the username and password for the second account you’d like to add.
5. Your new account is created and you can log in now.

Most Searched GIF sticker’s keyword on Instagram

GIF stickers are one of the most fascinating things an online social media platform can provide. These new trending short messages grasp the attention of their readers with the almost similar reactions of the senders. These stickers are small sized messages with some animations embedded on it. With these stickers, a reader can mostly assume what is going on in the sender’s mind. They replicate the sender’s original facial expression or mental thinking at that very moment when it is being sent. Some of the most searched GIF stickers on Instagram, 2020 are enlisted below:-
Hearts white
The uncommon place
Word white

These are some of the keywords that can be used to find unique GIF stickers which will save your time to write long texts. Additionally, there are some other keywords too which can be found from Google to find some other cute GIF stickers.

How to Add Instagram Stickers?
To express yourself in a unique and funny way you can add stickers. For that, you need to follow some simple and effective steps:-
1) Go to the story for which you want to add stickers.
2) Click on the sticker’s icon available there.
3) From there you can add many types of stickers.
4) Apart from the funny stickers mentioned before, there are some other types of stickers too offered by the Instagram. Following are the types of stickers offered by Instagram as mentioned in Instagram Help Page.
1. Donation Sticker: – it allows the people to donate a nonprofit to care about.
2. Challenge Sticker: – it can be used for participating in popular challenges going around the world. You can also nominate your friends to accept the challenge.
3. Quiz sticker: – it provides you the utility to create MCQ type questions with answers that are customizable. You can play quiz contests with your followers.
4. Countdown sticker: – sometimes you might want to show your viewers how much time is left for a particular event. Here, this countdown sticker can be used to count down any moment.
5. Questions sticker: – It adds a question that you want your viewers to answer. This can be used by the sender to check what they think about him, what is on their mind etc.
6. Music sticker: – if you search a particular song and want it to be played with the lyrics being written along , Music sticker can help you.
7. Poll sticker: – this sticker allows you to create a mini poll like Yes/No poll. People can just tap on the answers and the poll will be generated.
8. Location sticker: – it can select the nearby locations. Viewer can simply tap the sticker and view the page for that location.
9. Hashtag sticker: – by seeing your story along with the hashtag, people can click on the hashtag and view the whole page.
10. Current time or weather sticker:- this sticker helps you to provide the information of the current time and weather of your location.
11. Selfie sticker:- you can click a selfie of yours and use this selfie sticker to change the effects of your selfie or change the background color.

How to edit stickers On Instagram?
Stickers on Instagram can be edited and recreated to form wonderful GIFs. The steps required to edit and make new GIF and non GIF stickers are enumerated as under:-
1) Download any sticker maker tool that supports in your mobile or system.
2) Collect many funny videos or photos that you think can be turned into a sticker. If it is a photo, crop the photo and take the part you want and your sticker is ready. If it is a video, cut the part with starting and ending point that you want to be transformed into a GIF, give proper modifications and your GIF is ready.
3) For deleting any sticker, go to the story from which you want to remove or edit the sticker.
4) You will be shown two options, ANDROID OR IPHONE, click on your appropriate one.
5) If you want your Sticker to be removed completely, tap on delete option. If you want to edit the sticker, then you need to share the photo again and then make any changes required.
Therefore, the article gives you enough Idea about an Instagram account, their types and how they work. Along with this, the sticker lovers got some extra knowledge of how to find stickers that are trending, how to edit and manage stickers and also how to delete one such sticker from a post.

There is no limit of learning and the more you research, the more you learn. Therefore, Research, Research and Research and success is waiting for you!!