The Ultimate List of 500+ Fitness Blog Ideas for 2020

The Ultimate List of 500+ Fitness Blog Ideas for 2020

Writing a blog post is difficult and sometimes you have to stare an empty screen before you get an idea for your fitness blog. Worry no more, here I have the ultimate fitness blog ideas for you.

By building a fitness blog you are not only keeping a track of your own fitness journey and knowledge but creating great value by helping others to follow our path of healthy living.

Healthy living is the dream of everyone who likes to have a body that is not weak and prone to diseases?

Apart from being helpful to others and yourself in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a fitness blog can be a great source of passive income. I am sure that you are on this page because you already have a fitness blog o pondering around that idea.

If you are wondering ? how to monetize your blog, you can read my post about it there.

Wherever you are in this world, you must have been affected b the COVID 19 situation. More and more people are stuck at home and putting on a lot of weight due to lack of exercise, movement, and stress.

A fitness blog not only concentrates on exercises but about a variety of topics that contribute to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

From eating healthy food to using natural organic products, a fitness blog can never run out topics to write about in my opinion.

A few conversations with a few budding bloggers led me to write this post about fitness blog post ideas.

? 500 fitness blog ideas

I have a huge list of more than 500 fitness blog ideas below and you can choose from these topics if you are planning your fitness blog content calendar.

If you still haven’t started your blog, you can check out my blog series which guides you through the process of setting up a successful blog.

If you are generally interested in helping a lot of people to get fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle, then you should start a blog right away if you haven’t already.

Make sure that you post informative and helpful content, otherwise, it doesn’t help to have a million fitness blog ideas in your backpack.

I have put together this list of topics for fitness bloggers based on different niches around topics so that you could easily pick and choose based on your interests.

Do not forget to bookmark this page and subscribe to my inner circle as I will be adding more topics to the list soon.

Even if you are a seasoned fitness blogger, I am sure you would find some interesting topics and keywords below to target in a series of posts.

I would always recommend my fellow bloggers adapt and improvise theses titles to match their website or blogs’ voice or style.

One of the other reason for writing this post is that, most of my fitness bloggers who are getting into blogging or are already doing so forget to use the blogs a tracking system for their journey.

Sometimes you lose focus and forget to track your efforts or some of your own mistakes and achievements.

Using a fitness blog as your fitness journey tracker, you can have a double advantage. You will have more content to post every day if you are active and also help you pen down your fitness journey.

We are where we are now in history as a human race because of the knowledge passed on to us by our ancestors through different mediums. Building a fitness blog is not just a business venture but also a contribution to building a healthier generation of humans as a species.

By the end of this post, I will show you what you can do if you still run out of blog post ideas even with a list like the one below with more than 500 ideas.

Each of these topics is further subdivided and with topics more narrowed down.
I have also included the keyword for each topic and the monthly search volume

Apart from the above-mentioned categories, you can include generic topics like exercises, etc. Iw ill provide a similar list below for generic keywords.

You can go as shallow or as deep as you want with these topics

Let’s take an example

Topic: Home Workouts
Keywords: Workouts at home

In this case, you could write about the following

  • 5 Belly fat workouts to do at home
  • Home workouts for losing weight
  • 5 mistakes to avoid when working out at home
  • How to track your home workouts
  • How many calories can you burn basic home workouts
  • Top 5 basic home workouts
  • How to do Home Workouts
  • How many calories are burned while sleeping
  • 5 Simple workouts with the dumbbell at home

I hope this gives you an idea of how to take topics from the list and build upon it.

Here is the Ultimate list of Fitness Blog Ideas:

2how to lose belly fat301000
3hiit training301000
4home workouts246000
5home workout246000
6at home workouts246000
7fitness tracker165000
8best fitness tracker90500
9chest workout at home74000
10exercise at home74000
11leg workouts at home74000
12weight loss exercise74000
13home gym60500
14bodyweight workout60500
15best fitness tracker60500
16hiit training60500
17strength training60500
18strength trainers60500
19back workouts at home49500
20workouts at home for chest49500
21workout plan49500
22belly fat exercises49500
23best exercise to lose weight49500
24hiit cardio49500
25resistance training49500
26training for strength49500
27arm workouts at home40500
28ab home workouts40500
29home arm workouts40500
30ab at home workouts40500
31at home abs workouts40500
32at home workouts abs40500
33ab workouts for at home40500
34at home workouts for abs40500
35workout from home40500
36workouts at home40500
37exercises to lose belly fat40500
38workouts to lose weight40500
39weight training40500
40muscular strength40500
41strength and muscles40500
42diet for building body40500
43dumbbells workouts40500
44workout bands40500
45full body workout at home33100
46back exercises at home33100
47home workouts for back33100
48hiit workout at home33100
49home workouts for abs33100
50home workouts for chest33100
51at home workout33100
52ab workouts home33100
53home abb workouts33100
54home abs workouts33100
55chest workouts home33100
56home chest workouts33100
57at home abb workouts33100
58cardio workouts home33100
59ab workouts from home33100
60at home chest workouts33100
61chest at home workouts33100
62chest workouts at home33100
63chest workouts in home33100
64at home workouts for chest33100
65chest workouts for at home33100
66exercise to reduce belly fat33100
67exercise losing belly fat33100
68porn body building33100
69chest exercises33100
70workout with dumbbell33100
71best at home workout27100
72chest exercises at home27100
73biceps workout at home27100
74home workouts for men27100
75workout at home27100
76home workouts women27100
77woman at home workouts27100
78chest workouts from home27100
79workouts for men at home27100
80workouts quotes27100
81exercises for love handles27100
82belly fat burn workouts27100
83hiit workouts27100
84cardio – training27100
85strength muscle27100
86jump rope workout27100
87home exercises to lose weight22200
88marcy home gym22200
89cardio at home22200
90home gym set22200
91upper body workout at home22200
92home workout for men22200
93shoulder workout at home22200
94triceps workout at home22200
95home workouts for women22200
96at home workouts for men22200
97workout routine at home22200
98leg workouts for home22200
99leg workouts from home22200
100at home womens workouts22200
101at home workouts for legs22200
102at home workouts for women22200
103workouts at home for women22200
104workouts for women at home22200
105garmin fitness tracker22200
106band workout22200
107right squat22200
108strenght training22200
109belly fat workouts22200
110burn belly fat workouts22200
111workouts that burn belly fat22200
112cardio training22200
113hiit exercise22200
1145×5 workout22200
115band workout22200
116dumbbell exercises22200
117home workout for women18100
118bodyweight back exercises18100
119leg exercises at home18100
120gym set18100
121ab exercises at home18100
122home dumbbell workout18100
123home workouts men18100
124at home workouts men18100
125men at home workouts18100
126home full body workouts18100
127in home workouts for men18100
128kids fitness tracker18100
129sweating meme18100
130inverted rows18100
131gym workouts18100
132belly exercises18100
133belly fat burning exercises18100
134fat burning belly exercises18100
135burning belly fat workouts18100
136weight loss workout plan18100
137best workouts to lose weight18100
138exercises to burn belly fat18100
139exercise for back fat18100
140powerlifting program18100
141bodybuilder workouts18100
142bodybuilding workout18100
143bodybuilding workouts18100
144bodybuilder workout18100
145bodybuilders workout18100
146best men deodorant18100
147chest workout dumbbells18100
148oblique exercises18100
149crossfit workouts at home14800
150workouts for weight loss at home14800
151at home workouts for back14800
152exercises to do at home14800
153at home workouts for beginners14800
154at home back workouts14800
155weider home gym14800
156best home gym14800
157cardio exercises at home14800
158core workouts at home14800
159at home workouts to lose weight14800
160back home workouts14800
161arm at home workouts14800
162at home arm workouts14800
163cardio home workouts14800
164home cardio workouts14800
165arms workouts at home14800
166at home hiit workouts14800
167hiit workouts at home14800
168arm workouts from home14800
169at home workouts women14800
170at home cardio workouts14800
171at home workouts cardio14800
172cardio at home workouts14800
173cardio workouts at home14800
174cardio workouts in home14800
175hiit workouts from home14800
176in home cardio workouts14800
177cardio workouts for home14800
178at home dumbbell workouts14800
179cardio workouts from home14800
180at home full body workouts14800
181dumbbells workouts at home14800
182cardio workouts for at home14800
183at home workouts with dumbells14800
184steps exercises14800
185exercise steps14800
186exercises on a step14800
187exercises with step14800
188steps exercise14800
189step exercising14800
190exercise step14800
191gym working out14800
192home workout plan14800
193workout gym14800
194gym workouting14800
195how to deadlift14800
196best exercise to lose belly fat14800
197workouts to lose belly fat14800
198loss of belly fat best exercise14800
199burn belly fat exercises14800
200workouts for belly fat14800
201exercises for belly fat14800
202best fat burning exercises14800
203best workout for losing weight14800
204full body dumbbell workout14800
205bodybuilders workouts14800
206best fitness watches14800
207dumbbell workouts for arms14800
208hamstrings workout14800
209kettleball exercises14800
210leg day workout14800
211masterbating man14800
212workouts for hamstrings14800
213best home workouts12100
214back workouts for home12100
215back workouts from home12100
216ab workouts at home12100
217workouts to do at home12100
218bodyweight training12100
219best workout from home12100
220arm workouts home12100
221back workouts home12100
222home back workouts12100
223bicep workouts home12100
224arm workouts for home12100
225best at home workouts12100
226at home bicep workouts12100
227bicep at home workouts12100
228dumbbell home workouts12100
229hiit workouts for home12100
230home workouts for arms12100
231bicep workouts for home12100
232biceps workouts at home12100
233at home workouts for arms12100
234best workouts for at home12100
235at home workouts for biceps12100
236home workouts with dumbbells12100
237at home workouts no equipment12100
238workouts at home for beginners12100
239at home workouts with dumbbells12100
240best fitness tracker watch12100
241belly bloat12100
242proper deadlift form12100
243squat form12100
244best exercise for belly fat12100
245fastest way lose belly fat12100
246fastest way of losing belly fat12100
247lose belly fat workouts12100
248workouts belly fat12100
249fat loss workout12100
250weight lifting for weight loss12100
251exercises to lose weight fast12100
252exercises to lose fat12100
253hiit treadmill workout12100
254muscular strength exercises12100
255body weight training12100
256lifting weights for women12100
257best men walking shoes12100
258best tricep exercise12100
259chest workout home12100
260dumbbell workout for arms12100
261gym bag men12100
262leg day12100
263muscles building12100
264low impact cardio9900
265best bodyweight exercises9900
266bodyweight leg workout9900
267bodyweight shoulder exercises9900
268bodyweight leg exercises9900
269easy at home workouts9900
270arm exercises at home9900
271home bodyweight workout9900
272bicep exercises at home9900
273home workouts for beginners9900
274no equipment workout9900
275best workout for home9900
276best workout home9900
277at home ab workouts9900
278butt workouts at home9900
279at home shoulder workouts9900
280beginner at home workouts9900
281beginner workouts at home9900
282beginners workouts at home9900
283beginning workouts at home9900
284home workouts for buttocks9900
285workouts for beginners at home9900
286how to set time for fitbit9900
287workouts schedule9900
288reducing cellulite9900
289how to get thick9900
290schedule workout9900
291workout schedule9900
292dip exercises9900
293home workout routine9900
294at home workout plan9900
295dip exercise9900
296exercises to get rid of belly fat9900
297lower belly workout9900
298workouts that lose belly fat9900
299loose belly fat workouts9900
300losing belly fat workouts9900
301workouts for losing belly fat9900
302cardio for weight loss9900
303best exercise for fat loss9900
304best hiit workout9900
305hiit treadmill9900
306hiit workouts for beginners9900
307hiit cardio workout9900
308best cardio workouts9900
309cardio workouts in the gym9900
310weight training for women9900
311strength training for women9900
312strength training for runners9900
313weight workout9900
314leg gym workout9900
315training for hypertrophy9900
316muscle strength9900
317strength training women9900
318runner strength training9900
319womens strength training9900
320running strength training9900
321programming strength training9900
322bodybuilders exercise9900
323bodybuilding exercises9900
324best tasting protein powder9900
325chris harrison net worth9900
326curl dumbbell9900
327curling dumbbells9900
328dumbbell incline fly9900
329crossfit workouts for home8100
330crossfit workouts from home8100
331strength training at home8100
332bowflex home gym8100
333list of exercises8100
334bodyweight bicep exercises8100
335bodyweight chest exercises8100
336home workout program8100
337shoulder exercises at home8100
338at home glute workout8100
339tricep exercises at home8100
340fitness at home8100
341home workouts to lose weight8100
342home workout routines8100
343routine workout at home8100
344workout routines at home8100
345at home workout routines8100
346ab workouts men home8100
347at home gym workouts8100
348home tricep workouts8100
349at home butt workouts8100
350home workouts routine8100
351crossfit home workouts8100
352home crossfit workouts8100
353ab workouts at home men8100
354ab workouts men at home8100
355at home tricep workouts8100
356home workouts equipment8100
357men ab workouts at home8100
358home ab workouts for men8100
359routine workouts at home8100
360at home crossfit workouts8100
361at home workouts for butt8100
362at home workouts routines8100
363crossfit at home workouts8100
364home abb workouts for men8100
365ab workouts at home for men8100
366abs workouts at home for men8100
367abs workouts for men at home8100
368at home workouts weight loss8100
369home workouts for weight loss8100
370workouts to lose weight at home8100
371at home workouts for weight loss8100
372letscom fitness tracker8100
373contact for fitbit8100
374best watch fitness tracker8100
375best fitness tracker 20188100
376best fitness watch tracker8100
377fitness tracker app8100
378quotes about the holidays8100
379cute lock screens8100
380quotes on holidays8100
381cute lock screen8100
382girls night ideas8100
383holidays quotes8100
384plank jacks8100
385quotes about holidays8100
386plank jack8100
387lunge jumps8100
388best home workout8100
389fitnes plan8100
390fitness plan8100
391fitness plans8100
392workout plan at home8100
393workout plans at home8100
394love handle workouts8100
395exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home8100
396lower stomach workout8100
397exercises for stomach fat8100
398workouts to burn belly fat8100
399losing belly fat workout8100
400belly fat loss workouts8100
401belly fat burning workouts8100
402best cardio for weight loss8100
403hiit workouts for women8100
404cardio workouts for gym8100
405best exercise cardio8100
406in gym cardio workouts8100
407cardio vascular training8100
408strength training program8100
409strength training exercises8100
410weight lifting exercises8100
411strength workout8100
412resistance band training8100
413weight lifting bench8100
414weight lifting bar8100
415weight lifting program8100
416runners strength training8100
417strength training anatomy8100
418strength training runners8100
419strength training programs8100
420strength training programme8100
421strength training programmes8100
422strength training for running8100
423strength training programming8100
424training program for strength8100
425programming for strength training8100
426bodybuilding at gym8100
427guide to building pc8100
428bodybuilder workouts8100
429bodybuilding workout8100
430bodyweight glute exercises6600
431calf workouts at home6600
432home workouts no equipment6600
433home workouts without equipment6600
434calisthenics park near me6600
435home exercise program6600
436list of aerobic exercise6600
437weight training at home6600
438exercises to lose weight fast at home6600
439best home workout program6600
440fat burning exercises at home6600
441upper body bodyweight workout6600
44230 minute workout at home6600
443core exercises at home6600
444best home exercises6600
445home workout exercises6600
447home butt workouts6600
448home workouts plan6600
449at home core workouts6600
450core workouts for home6600
451home workouts for butt6600
452core workouts for at home6600
453home weight loss workouts6600
454at home ab workouts for men6600
455at home upper body workouts6600
456at home weight loss workouts6600
457at home workouts for buttocks6600
458in home workouts to lose weight6600
459workouts from home without equipment6600
460lets fit6600
461huawei fitness tracker6600
462sweat fitness6600
463workout steps6600
464plank walks6600
465scissor kicks6600
466what are hip dips6600
467fire hydrants workout6600
468gym workouts for beginners6600
469beginner gym workouts6600
470beginners gym workout6600
471circuit workout6600
472circuit workouts6600
473circuits workout6600
474grip strengthening6600
475gym beginner workout6600
476warm ups6600
477workout circuit6600
478workout circuits6600
479workout for building muscle6600
480workout to build muscle6600
481workout for beginners at gym6600
482exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week6600
483lower belly fat workout6600
484best exercises to burn belly fat6600
485exercises for lower belly fat6600
486fat burn6600
487weight training for weight loss6600
488weight loss exercise plan6600
489best fat burning workouts6600
490exercises to lose thigh fat6600
491arm fat workout6600
492workout routine to lose weight6600
493jumping rope to lose weight6600
494gym workout for weight loss6600
495lose weight gym workout6600
496weight loss gym workouts6600
497workout at gym to lose weight6600
498workout in gym to lose weight6600
499aerobic training6600
50030 minute hiit workout6600
501full body hiit workout6600
502hiit for runners6600
503grip training6600
504weight lifting for beginners6600
505weight lifting routines6600
506weight vest workout6600
507run strength training6600
508strength training exercise6600
509strength training excersises6600
510guide to building a pc6600
511guide building pc6600
512best triceps workout6600
513bodybuilding workouts6600
514exercise that burn belly fat6600

Here is a list of broad topic that you can use to find further keywords:

  • Cardio Training
  • Strength training
  • HIIT
  • Yoga
  • Bike riding
  • Martial arts
  • Pilates
  • Cross fit
  • Water aerobics
  • Kickboxing
  • Circuit training
  • Six pack abs
  • Lossy belly fat
  • Zumba
  • Bodybuilding
  • Fitness supplements
  • Fitness equipment
  • Fitness trackers
  • Fitness bands
  • Fitness accessories
  • Muscle Training
  • Workout for beginners
  • Stay fit on vacation
  • Stay fit on a busy schedule
  • Stay fit while traveling
  • Fitness and mental health
  • A simple exercise for kids
  • Plan exercises routine
  • Lunch break exercise
  • Morning exercise
  • Evening exercise
  • Guide to Body Building
  • Guide to Yoga
  • Guide to Heaving lifting
  • Guide to Running a marathon
  • How to do Yoga
  • Fitness tracking apps
  • Fitness gear
  • Workout clothes
  • Running shoes
  • Heaving lifting
  • Gloves of lifting
  • Gym routine
  • Workout accessories
  • Yoga for Fitness
  • Fitness snack
  • Yoga studios
  • Crossfit boxes
  • Vitamins
  • Outdoor fitness
  • Outdoor fitness activities
  • Chiropractic therapy for health and fitness
  • Meal planner for bodybuilding
  • Healthy food for a workout
  • Marathon
  • Triathlons
  • Meal preps
  • Workout food recipes
  • Pre-workout
  • Post-workout
  • Protein powder for a workout
  • Protein bars for Energy
  • Protein snacks
  • Probiotics
  • Nutrition of fitness
  • Weight loss topics
  • Counting calories
  • Water for weight loss
  • Best foods for weight loss
  • BMI
  • Atkins diet
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Beach body
  • Intermediate fasting
  • Low calories diet
  • Paleo diet
  • Keto diet
  • Detox diet
  • Fasting for weightloss
  • Stay healthy
  • Indoor exercises
  • Walking
  • Lose weight
  • Hypothyroid weight loss
  • Burn belly fat
  • Recipe belly fat
  • Mommy’s belly
  • Lose tummy fat
  • Lose belly fat in 2 week
  • Metabolism
  • Flexibility
  • Develop healthy eating habits
  • Upper body workouts
  • Lower body workouts
  • Workout remedies
  • Benefits of strength training for men
  • Benefits of strength training for Women
  • Healthy breakfast ideas

I will be creating a list of topics and keywords and search volume. Join the inner circle to Download the entire list of keywords and topics with search volume when it is available.

Always share your experience and facts that you know is the truth. Your audience trusts your content each reader is your asset.

If you looking forward to building a healthy relationship with them, you have to be honest and do your research and experience.

With the list of topics and keywords above, I believe you can plan out a content calendar. If you haven’t read the crafting system, I recommend you try it at least once.

Don’t struggle for fitness blog ideas anymore, starting writing and build your audience with this keyword bank. The topics and subtopics can be sure to build a content plan fo more than a year to come.

If you have a blog in a sub-niche and need more targeted keywords, leave a comment in the comment box below and I will share a customized set of keywords for you.

I would love to hear your feedback on this list of fitness blog ideas. Again, If you haven’t monetized or started out then please read the below posts:

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? Blueprint to Creating a Successful Fitness Blog in 2020
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