Ulysses might be a good choice if you use a Mac or an iPad and are looking for a writing app. Recently, it has grown to be a popular writing app for mac with its new version release. The latest updates bring a new set of features that will help you if used regularly.

The application seems to get better with every version release. In the coming years, Ulysses has the potential to be one of the best writing apps for IOS. Ulysses has evolved and improved different areas of functionality from a boring word processing application, including interfaces making it comfortable to write for a longer period.

Ulysses WordPress integration.

With the new WordPress integration, Ulysses makes it easy to write and publish your WordPress posts. You can now write and publish directly to your WordPress website directly from the Ulysses writing interface.

Ulysses has justified their subscription-based model with all the new features, which was frowned upon until it launched its advanced spelling and grammar checker a year ago.

The artificial intelligence-driven spelling and grammar checker works with all IOS devices.

Ulysses would have to provide the best features, integrations, and an outstanding user experience at affordable pricing to emerge as a true winner amongst the clutter of writing apps entering the market.

Recently, Ulysses has introduced integration with writing applications other than WordPress like Ghost and medium, which means the user can schedule right from the writing interface. If you are a writer, Ulysses can help you become more productive with core features like

  • Distraction-free interface
  • Mark-up based text editor
  • Even a cool typewriter mode

The app has introduced gamification to motivate writers to reach their daily goals. It not only helps users set goals but also tracks their progress. The content can be exported as HTML code or PDF files with beautiful formatting.

Fortunately for MAC, iPad, and iPhone users, Ulysses is available in the app store for free trial download. Another interesting feature is the revision mode, where grammar and spelling are checked. The sync between multiple apple devices enhances user ease.

In the latest release, Ulysses has introduced integration with Micro. This blog, similar to Twitter, sans the ads and character limits.

Ulysses has come a long way from its initial avatar, constantly improving its functionality. Still, only time will tell if it can withstand competition with tools like scrivener, which is the go-to app for writers worldwide.

We might look into a comparison between these two applications in our future blogs.
For now, you could try out the free version of Ulysses here.