Every ecommerce site needs a payment gateway to collect information and process payment from their customers. A shopping cart enables an online retailer to activate this process.

A shopping cart connects the buyer, the products he selects to buy and the payment gateway. Most of the time when someone purchases online, a shopping cart is the one part of the website that leads them to the checkout process. It captures the product data, the order information towards the checkout.

How to increase your shopping cart conversion rate

At some point or the other every online retailer wishes to improve their shopping cart conversion. Even if you have the best product in the market and offer the best prices, you conversions might fall if your cart is not optimized.

Why choose the best shopping cart integrations.

Since shopping carts are the backbone of the whole Ecommerce process and is the link between the user’s buying process and the payment method, having a broken shopping cart integration can affect your business model adversely.

With the rise of hosted and self-hosted shopping cart integrations, it is easier than before to convert more website visitors. There are a few factors, that you need to consider when you choose your shopping cart integrations solutions.

1. Business process adaptability
2. User journey adaptability
3. Payment Gateway compatibility
4. Scalability and Speed

A well optimized shopping cart integration, improves conversion rates and also provides a good experience for your customers. When a user is on your website, he should be able to create a list of products to buy from or remove products from an already created list. This is very crucial in the online retailing industry. Shopping carts are the foundation of B2C and B2B ecommerce . This is because the carts can be integrated with inventory and warehouse management solutions.

Shopping carts are also important because they collect customer data like email, addresses, phone numbers and user preferences. Even though shopping carts are crucial parts of ecommerce website, most of the time, you would be able to use shopping cart solutions that comes with ecommerce platforms used by the website. Unless you are integrating the shopping cart with your existing website, you wouldn’t have much options when it comes to self hosted platforms.

Now you know the importance of a shopping cart and it’s integrations I hope you would choose the right shopping cart for your eCommerce website.