Haven’t you ever wondered what is virality and how does some content go viral and some doesn’t? In this post, we will see how this phenomenon works.

“Virality”- It is one of the most common words that every one of us hear/see every day or the other online. The ability of any content to go viral i.e. rapid circulation of anything either verbally or through online platforms with the help of shares and recommendations is termed as virality.

Contents that go viral are not necessarily genuine all the time. One may find fake and misleading rumors go viral very often. But, yes, they go viral as jokes or memes.

A good piece of content that can give some knowledge or mental happiness is loved by most of the people of all age groups and they share it with others too.

Content that are attractive either real or fake tend to go viral faster than ordinary posts.

What is Virality and Which contents go viral on the internet?

The Internet is one such platform which envisions billions of users every day. It is the perfect platform for any content that you want to go viral.

Every human being has different emotional responses to whatever they see on the internet. The liking for emotions vary from person to person, but according to a recent study by Fract.TL, “Happiness”, “Surprise”, and “Admiration” are the top emotional responses to viral contents.

Any video, image or other content that has the capability to strike these emotional responses of humans has a higher chance of going viral quickly. For a content to go viral, following important characteristic features should be maintained within the content itself.

Capability to strike the proper emotional responses of human being:-

As discussed earlier, contents that need more attention and support and that you want to go viral should be able to strike the emotions of the viewers in a proper way. Apart from the emotional responses mentioned earlier, some other emotional responses to look for are “Satisfaction”, “Hope”, “Love”, and much more.

Title Matters- Every Viral Content will have catchy title.

Most of the time, the content itself will be catchy and trendy that the title will spark interest of the reader or viewer depending on the platform.

In case of a video, it is often found that viewers look at the short title of any video or content before opening it. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a proper and catchy title for the content as it is going to drive in more visitors.

Sometimes a good content does not receive that much traffic and doesn’t go viral due to a bad title. A title is something that you should genuinely look for and come up with some fascinating titles that will bound a viewer to open it.

Uniqueness in the content.

The content that you are trying to make viral must have some uniqueness as then only viewers will share it with their friends and family, driving in more visitors to your post. Content with less competitors, but high demand of viewers is something that goes viral instantly.

Proper Thumbnail in case of a video.

If your content is of video type, then you can add proper thumbnails to it. This thumbnail will increase the view count of your video and will help in getting viral. Try to look for attractive and unique thumbnails which increase the chances of getting viral faster.

Space for criticism and debate.

Contents which motivate viewers to present their views either positive or negative, becomes the talk of the show. People hear about those contents and share it. Sometimes some special criticism in the form of comments or tweets becomes famous which indirectly makes the content go viral.

Usage of trending topics.

The contents which are new to the market have a greater chance of going viral faster. Try to look for the topics that are trending and make the contents for those topics in a way people love it. The contents go viral only if those are worthy of sharing.

Usage of small visuals.

Researchers found that infographic i.e. collection of images, charts and short texts that are easy to understand gets the maximum shares as compared to other long videos and simple images.
They also studied and found that users read an infographic 30 times more than a simple text-based article.

Make the readers engaged to read with well-researched reports.
With the development of technology, every individual can easily find out which one is real and which one is fake. Thus, try to make a content which is well researched and has something to read about.

Reports which are well researched with interesting and correct facts will be loved by most of the viewers and they will share it with their friends too which will eventually help your content to go viral quickly.

Some points are needed to keep in mind while creating good contents:-

  • Creation of more interactive contents.
  • Sharing among audiences that are known to the creators.
  • Spreading positive messages as far as possible.
  • Getting proper guidance from influencers.
  • Maintaining a proper relationship with the viewers.

It might sound strange but it is true. Yes, you can measure virality too. Scientific intellectuals from around the world formulated a formula that measures the extent of virality. The formula is
C (0)*K=T.
C is the starting number i.e. people who viewed it first.
K is some constant known as the viral coefficient. For something to go viral K must be greater than 1.
T is the total number of viewers after a certain time.
If you have the exact value of C, K and T, you can easily find the extent of virality. Also, there are some online virality calculators which use the same formula and give you an approximate answer.

Contents that go viral are primarily due to two main factors- social sharing and media attention. Contents go viral when they are widely shared on big media platforms that have a large number of audiences.

Some of the ways through which they go viral are discussed as under:-

Wide Media coverage:
There is a strategic way to cover the contents in media platforms. Once the contents are created, they are then placed in reputed and high-profile websites.

The goal is to get maximum visibility with the help of these websites. People, who visit the site, view the contents and then share it with other people which drive in more traffic for the contents.

Sharing socially
One of the most important things for a content to go viral is social sharing. The contents are needed to get shared among peers to get maximum coverage.

Whenever one shares their content with their friends and relatives, they share with their friends and it goes on. Therefore, it is an essential requirement to share the contents with others socially.

Coverage by high authority publishers helps to launch the contents into the sharing spectrum. In this way when other publishers see it, they share it too in order to capitalize on its popularity.

They also cover it on their website for their benefit which in turn helps the original content to get maximum shares and it gets viral on the internet easily.

In the present day, content and people are becoming viral more and more due to social sharing. Anything – whether social, political, economical etc., which has something new to it, is getting viral. Some good deeds of the citizens go viral in no time. Someone has done something very bad, people try to make him or his contents go viral to expose him and in a way to punish him.

Virality is something which is getting popular day by day.

Most individuals want to go viral to get fame by doing something great, but it is not that much easy. For a content to go viral it must have some characteristic features discussed above and it must also be shared in a proper way.

It completely depends on the content creator who designs and presents the contents in a way people love it and share it to get maximum virality.