About Me

As a Digital Marketing Specialist with more than 12 years’ experience in visualization, design and digital marketing, I have delivered traffic, leads and sales to my clients, companies and their clients.

►Strategically built, managed and optimized search engine marketing and optimization campaigns for my client and

► Executed Social and Search marketing campaigns for multinational companies to generate leads through SEO and SEM methods to generate highly qualified leads

► Designing and Developing high converting landing pages and websites for increasing ROI on paid and search traffic

► Lead capture and nurturing system integration for converting leads to sales.

► Running email marketing campaigns for creating engagement and driving sales to online products and services

► Collaborated with companies to strategically develop revenue generating websites that have been sold for 10 to 20 times the monthly revenue

► Provide insights into the optimization of landing pages and methods to improve conversion rates

► Managed several accounts which included interacting with designers, visualizers and clients.