Hi, I am Hari Gopinath

Marketing Specialist

Who I am

About me

As a Digital Marketing Specialist with more than 10+ years’ experience in visualization, design and digital marketing, I have delivered traffic, leads and sales to businesses around the globe.

What I do

My Skills

• Marketing & Advertising Businesses Online to create positive ROI results

• Designing Strategies to Maximize Brand Awareness, Engagement and Conversions

• Demonstrated capabilities to increase leads and sales by 200% through Conversion Rate Optimization of several campaigns

• More than 16 years’ experience with designing and six years in online marketing fuels the capability to work with design teams to create Conversion Centric Design that maximize results for every advertising investment made

• Comprehensive knowledge in Online Marketing techniques for businesses.

Digital Marketing

7+ Years in Creation and Execution of Digital Marketing Strategies for Multiple Brands.

Creative Design

Visualization and Design of Digital Marketing Collaterals based on CRO.

E Commerce

Management of E Commerce Development and Execution of Operations and Marketing.


Experienced in all stages of media production.


Design Skills

Analytics & Optimization

Other Skills & Platforms

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Email: contact[at]harigopinath.com

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