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Best Employee Advocacy Tools to Amplify Your Brand Message

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Best Employee Advocacy Tools to Amplify Your Brand Message


Employee advocacy is becoming an increasingly important strategy for businesses to amplify their brand message. It involves employees sharing positive content about their company on their personal social media channels, thus spreading awareness and credibility to a wider audience. But employee advocacy can be a daunting task, especially in today’s ever-changing and ever-evolving digital landscape.

Navigating the complexities of employee advocacy can be challenging, which is why having the right tools is crucial. In this article, we will unlock the secrets to successful employee advocacy by unveiling the top tools that can enhance your brand message. These tools are designed not only to simplify the process but also to ensure utmost engagement from your employees.

Understanding the Tone and Style

Before we dig into the best employee advocacy tools, let’s take a moment to understand the tone and style of this article. The tone is witty, professional, informative, and educational, making it ideal for how-to guides and explainer articles. Our language is clear, straightforward, and focused on teaching and informing our readers. Think of us as patient teachers, guiding you through the process of employee advocacy step by step.

The writing style of this article is structured, with a focus on practical advice and actionable steps. We use a direct approach, blending explanations with examples to make complex concepts understandable. Our style is educational yet encouraging, aiming to empower readers with the confidence and tools necessary for successful employee advocacy.

Our target audience includes business owners and marketers who are seeking more than just the basics of employee advocacy. Our content is tailored for them, as we understand that they are looking for advanced insights and strategies to take their advocacy efforts to the next level. With that in mind, let’s dive into the best employee advocacy tools to amplify your brand message.

Robust Employee Advocacy Tools for Your Business

  1. Hootsuite Amplify
    Hootsuite Amplify is a comprehensive employee advocacy platform that makes it easy for employees to share company content on their personal social media channels. It allows businesses to set up a content library where employees can easily access and share the approved content. The platform also provides analytics to track the performance and engagement of employee-shared content.

  2. GaggleAMP
    GaggleAMP is an all-in-one employee advocacy and social media management platform. It offers features such as content curation, amplification, and gamification to make employee advocacy a seamless and enjoyable process. With GaggleAMP, businesses can also set up challenges and rewards to incentivize employees to share more content.

  3. Bambu by Sprout Social
    Bambu by Sprout Social is a user-friendly, mobile-first employee advocacy tool. It offers features such as content curation, scheduling, and analytics to streamline the sharing of content by employees. Bambu also has a robust reporting system, allowing businesses to measure the impact of employee advocacy on their overall marketing efforts.

  4. Smarp
    Smarp is an employee advocacy tool that focuses on personalization. It offers curated content for employees based on their interests and preferences, making the sharing of content more relevant and authentic. Smarp also offers analytics to track the performance of content and provides a leaderboard to gamify the employee advocacy experience.

  5. EveryoneSocial
    EveryoneSocial is an employee advocacy tool that emphasizes employee engagement. Apart from offering curated content, it also provides features such as polls, quizzes, and surveys to keep employees engaged and invested in the advocacy process. It also has gamification elements with leaderboards, challenges, and rewards to boost employee participation.

  6. Dynamic Signal
    Dynamic Signal is an employee advocacy tool that offers content curation as well as internal communications features. It provides a newsfeed where employees can access relevant content, and businesses can also send important updates and announcements. Dynamic Signal also offers analytics and gamification features to enhance the employee advocacy experience.


When it comes to employee advocacy, having the right tools is crucial to ensure its success. These employee advocacy tools are not only designed to enhance your brand message but also to make employee advocacy a more streamlined and engaging process. Choose the tool that suits your business’s needs and take your employee advocacy efforts to the next level.

We hope this article has unlocked the secrets of successful employee advocacy and provided valuable insights for businesses seeking more than just the basics. Remember, engagement is the top priority when it comes to employee advocacy. So, be conversational, empathetic, and occasionally humorous in your approach, and don’t be afraid to use idioms, metaphors, anecdotes, and natural dialogue to make your content more engaging.

In today’s ever-changing digitally-dominant world, employee advocacy is a powerful strategy to amplify your brand message. With these employee advocacy tools in your arsenal, you and your employees can work towards unlocking the true potential of your brand. So, go ahead and make use of our suite of tools, and let’s empower your employees to become brand ambassadors in the heart of your industry.