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Novo resume builder review

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Are you for the best resume builder? Novoresume builder might be a good choice.

Looking for jobs? Unable to get one even with appropriate skills?  Your problem may be with your resume.

Have no worries, you will get a complete detailed review of a popular resume builder “NOVO RESUME BUILDER” in this article.

What is novo resume builder?

For any job search, an attractive and proper resume plays an important role. Novo resume builder exactly does the same thing. It helps in creating professional and perfect resume and cover letters in a much easier and efficient way. With a number of beautiful resume designs, it has just attracted a lot of customers to use it with full flow. People from all over the world use this tool in either free or paid versions to get their desired jobs in one go. Users just need to register on the main website and start using the tool without downloading any extra software. It is a must use tool for all the determined job questers.

What are the advantages of a Novo resume builder?

Some of the main advantages of Novo resume builders are: –

  • The design provided by the tool uses layout optimizer and therefore gives every resume an artistic look. The resume looks professional, creative and trustworthy with its efficiently aligned and organized contents.
  • One of the greatest advantages of Novo resume builder is that it provides live feedbacks. This means if you have designed a resume without having adequate knowledge to design one, the tool provides you continuous suggestions to make corrections and create a more effective one.
  • The tool has numerous templates to meet your expectations. Just select a template, write the contents and done. The resume will get completed in a way you will love it.
  • The amateur resume writers can get guidance from a lot of successful resume samples and cover letter examples provided by the tool for free. This samples help to get a better idea of creating attractive resumes
  • No additional software is required to run the tool. All the resume creation functionalities are offered through the main website only.
  • The tool can be accessed in both the free and paid versions.

Reviews of Novo Resume builder

Some of the positive reviews of the tool are: –

  • In the modern age of competition, whenever a company declares a vacant post for recruitment, hundreds and thousands of people apply for a single post. In the first step, some handful of candidates get shortlisted based on their resume. Most of the resume gets cancelled, while few left get the call letter for the next rounds. The problem of boring CV’s and cover letters can be eradicated with novo resume builder. It helps you stand away from those crowds and increases your chances of getting selected.
  • The creation process of novo resume builder is a very easy. Just register on the main website, pay for the paid version or use the free version to create resume and cover letters instantly.
  • It helps in landing in many job interviews of the user’s favorite companies (as per majority of the users).
  • The tool is ever improving. It provides new tips and tricks each time it gets updated.
  • Helps in building intuitive resume.

Some cons of Novo resume builder: –

  • As per the reviews made in the main novo website, mostly users have no complains. They are quite happy with the services provided by the tool.
  • However, some complained about flexibility earlier. According to some users, the tool requires more flexibility, but now the development team has worked on it and made it more flexible and user friendly.

Novo Resume builder pricing

The pricing details of the tool are explained as under: –

  • Free version

Services associated with it are: –

  • One page resumes.
  • Predefined layouts.
  • One resume.
  • Premium version

Users need to pay for it. The tool additionally provided a 14 days money back guarantee.

  • 1 Month= ₹699
  • 3 months=₹1199
  • 12 months=₹3499

The services provided to the users as per the main website of the Novo resume builder tool are: –

  • Up to 10 pages
  • Custom layout
  • Cover letter
  • Creation of multiple versions.
  • 9 extra fonts.
  • Up to 44 more color themes
  • Professional video tutorials.
  • Creative rating styles.
  • Specialized sections.
  • Creative backgrounds.
  • Icons for interests and causes.


Top 5 novo resume alternatives

5 other online tools that help in building a good resume are listed as under: –

  1. ResumePro: – Users can create a professional and attractive resume within a few minutes. The tool has predefined sections and fields that save a lot of time.
  2. Hireyy: – The ATS technology available in Hireyy helps Startups and SMEs to automate their hiring process by providing attractive resume.
  3. ResumeCoach: – The all in one resume builder has many professional templates and expert guidance to all the aspiring job seekers.
  4. OnlineCV: – It helps in creating CV or cover letter in simple steps. You can adjust your needs after selecting any stylish template from the library.
  5. VisualCV: – The user experience of this tool is extremely worth trying which makes it highly recommendable.

Novo Resume vs. MyPerfectResume

Some of the differences between Novo resume and MyPerfectResume are: –

Novo Resume MyPerfectResume
No need to fill the resume sections step by step. Need to fill the resume sections step by step without being able to see the final resume until completed.
Free version can be used and the resume can be downloaded without subscription. Here subscription is required to download the resume.
It is more expensive It is less expensive.
It has 8 free templates for the users. It has 12 free templates for the users.


Some of the similarities between them are: –

  • Both the tools provide cover letter builder only for the premium version.
  • Both the tools provide freemium facilities.

Novo resume vs. Zety resume builder

Some of the differences between Zety and Novo resume builder are: –

Novo resume builder Zety
It has no score functionality. It has a score functionality. Once the resume writing is completed, it will score the resume and will suggest ways to make it better.
Easy to understand UI Confusing UI.
It is more expensive. It is less expensive.


Some of the similarities between novo and zety resume builders.

  • Both the builders have HR, Resume and Resume Builder categories.
  • Both the tools are user friendly.
  • Both the tools create resume quickly and efficiently.

Novo Resume vs. Resume Genius      

Based on over 12000 reviews on Trustpilot, Resume genius is equally loved by many users and enjoys an excellent 5-star rating.

Some of the differences between Novo resume and Resume genius are:

Novo resume Resume Genius
No hidden fees in novo resume i.e. users need not pay to download the resume created. Users need to pay to download the resume created.
It is less expensive It is more expensive.


Similarities between Novo Resume and Resume Genius

  • Both the tools have cover letter tool.
  • Both the tools have cover letter examples.
  • Both the tools provide suggestions to make the content more creative.
  • Both the tools help the users by creating a professional resume.
  • The templates are customizable in both the tools.

Novo Resume vs. Resumenow

Some of the differences between Novo Resume and Resume now are: –

Novo resume Resumenow
It is Less expensive It is More expensive
It is More popular It is less popular


Some similarities between novo resume and resumenow are: –

  • Both the tools help in creating quality resume.
  • Both the tools have cover letter writing facilities.

Conclusion: –

Finally, it can be inferred that there are many resume writing tools that help the job seekers to create and design their resume. They can simply download the resume and use to get the job of their choice.


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