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Major Alternatives for Keywords Everywhere Tool in 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Keywords everywhere is one of the most important tools for researching keywords. It is undoubtedly very user friendly, but many users use some other extension tools which work as similar as the keywords everywhere chrome extension. In this article, we will look into those alternatives in a detailed manner.

These are: –

  • Kwfinder: – The tool helps in finding long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. One of the best of its kind, KWfinder has a seamless interface. With a perfect blend of powerful features and beautiful designs, it becomes a great choice for all the content writers and bloggers. Additionally, web developers and software developers find it useful too.
·                    Intuitive UI
·                    Cheap
·                    Quick service
·                    High quality
·                    Strong data aggregation
  • Keysearch: – The tool is designed to perform a number of dominant works with ease. The all-encompassing SEO tool finds keywords, provides a SERP analysis, allows checking back links, helps to find whether you can rank for YouTube and lots more.
·        Easy operations.
·        Easy exportation.
·        Bulk Checking
·        User and Budget friendly
·        YouTube Research
  • io: – has the ability to do a great sort of exhaustive research. It also enables a site to rank high as it has a better understanding of it. Additionally, it helps in finding related keyword phrases too.
·        Helpful.
·        Trendy feature.
·        Bulk Checking.
·        User friendly.


  • com: – It consists of many tools that perform their specific tasks. It includes tools for making words from letters for different word games, words with friends cheat, anagram solver and lots more.
·        Lots of services
·        User friendly


  • Keywordio

This is also a keyword research tool that is long tailed. It can provide thousands of suggestions of keywords to the users once a keyword is fed into it. The tool provides a comprehensive list of highly relevant suggestions of keywords that can improve the messages or texts.

·        SEO boost
·        User friendly





  • Longtail pro: –

This tool helps the marketers to provide keywords that are more profitable and targeted.  The tool also calculates keyword competitiveness for almost every topic.

·        Fast service
·        List expansion
·        User friendly.


As we have seen that their many tools that can be an alternative to keywords everywhere chrome extension, let us study about the Kwfinder in more details.


What is KWfinder?

As discussed earlier, KWfinder is a keyword app that helps you find long tail keywords with a lower ranking difficulty. The search volumes provided by the tool are exact and they also provide the most accurate keyword difficulty.

Kwfinder pricing: –

There are two basic plans of Kwfinder: –

Monthly: – It is again divided into few parts.

  • Mangools Basic: – The monthly plan needs a payment of $49/month.

It includes: –

  • 24 hour functionality for looking up to 100 keywords a day.
  • 200 keyword suggestions per search made by the user.
  • A single search can provide up to 25 competitor keywords.
  • 100 SERP can be looked upon per 24 hours.
  • 200 keywords can be tracked daily.
  • Back link rows can range up to 100,000 on a monthly basis.
  • Allowance to look 20 sites daily.
  • Allowance to login x simultaneous times.
  • Mangools Premium: – This monthly plan needs a payment of $69/month.

It includes: –

  • 500 keywords lookups daily.
  • A single search shows 700 keyword suggestions.
  • The competitor keywords count is unlimited here. However the technical limit is 1000 organic and 1000 paid keywords for a specific location and 2000 organic and 2000 paid keywords for ‘anywhere’ location.
  • On a daily basis, a user can have 500 SERP lookups.
  • Allowance to track 700 keywords easily.
  • 500,000 Back link rows monthly.
  • Allowance to look 70 sites per 24 hours.
  • A user can have 3 simultaneous logins.

This plan is the best among all monthly plans and is recommended by the tool itself

  • Mangools Agency: – The price for this plan is $129 / month.
  • It includes 1200 keyword lookups per 24 hours.
  • 700 of all 700 keyword suggestions provided by the tool per search.
  • The competitor keywords count is unlimited here. However the technical limit is 1000 organic and 1000 paid keywords for a specific location and 2000 organic and 2000 paid keywords for ‘anywhere’ location.
  • 1200 SERP lookups per day.
  • 1200000 back links per month.
  • Allowance to look 150 sites per 24 hours.
  • 10 Simultaneous logins.

Yearly: – It also has three sub parts.

  • Mangools basic: – Upon purchase the bill will be $358.80 i.e. $29 per month. The Services are same as the basic of Monthly plan.
  • Mangools Premium: – Upon purchase the bill will be $478.80 i.e. $39 per month with all the services same as Mangools Premium of Monthly plan.
  • Mangools Agency: – Upon purchase, the bill will be $958.80 i.e. $79 per month with the services same as the Monthly Mangools Agency plan.

The tool also has a free trial provision for users i.e. For ten days. It allows the users to get 5 lookups per 24 hours, 25 related and 10 competitor keywords per lookup during this period.

What is KW index Checker?

KW index checker is software tool provided by the AMZPowerTools. It helps the users by checking the index of all Amazon Phrases and back end keywords in minutes. One of the best features of this tool is that it provides the services without any cost of credits and long term subscriptions. The tool is highly recommended for the marketers as one click of a KW index checker button finds out all the keywords that are not considered relevant by Amazon.


Based on people’s reviews, following points can be noted: –

  • Excellent choice for new writers.
  • Seamless interface.
  • High quality support.
  • Quick service.
  • Multiple research options.
  • Not ideal for competitor research.
  • Capped keyword results.
  • Non customizable SERP checker preview.
  • Strict request limitations.


Is there any alternative to KWFINDER?

Yes, there are many alternatives for KWFINDER. Their functionalities are quite similar to KWFINDER but they might differ in their pricings or extra services provided.

Some of them are: –

  • SEMrush: –

Similar to KWFinder, it is also cloud based. It can be accessed anywhere whenever needed without any compatibility or bug issues. Additionally, It also has a wide range of other useful tools like position tracking, On page SEO, Back links, Site audit, paid CPC and lots more.


$99.95/month (PRO PACKAGE).

$199.95( GURU PACKAGE).


  • Serpstat: –

Launched in 2013, this keyword research tool now has lots of other tools built in it that helps the users to audit sites, track ranks, analyze back links and Competitor modules too. Apart from this, it also facilitates PPC research, SEO research SERP analysis among other site building metrics.


$19 per month

  • LongTailPro: –

This tool was created by Spencer Haws of Niche pursuits. LTP as it is commonly known as, is widely used by most of the niche site building SEO community. It finds some of the best long-tailed keywords.


$25 per month

  • SeCockpit: –

This tool performs almost all the functionalities as performed by KWFinder. However, it has got some abilities to append, prepend and add words between words that are liked by most users.


It is more expensive than KWFinder.

  • Ahrefs: –

This tool is one of the best competitors of KWFinder. It supports competitor based as well as traditional keyword research. Some of the useful metrics provided by this 2016 launched tool are: –

Difficult keywords

Long keywords

Search volume

Return rate and much more.


$7 , 7 day trial.

$99 per month (PREMIUM)



We can find many tools available on the market that allows the users to do keyword research. Google Chrome has its own i.e. keywords everywhere. The services and the functionalities provided by this chrome extension is a way too advanced. It provides all the necessary services that a beginner writer/blogger or an experienced writer/blogger requires. The tool offers both the paid and free plans which make it even more attractive. Users can have free trials before going on with the paid plans and this inculcates a relationship of trust between the users and the tool. The tool is highly recommended for all the users who want to enrich their vocabulary skills and create masterpieces with their writings.







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