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Best Landing Page Builders for Marketers for 2021 and Beyond

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Landing pages are very important for marketing campaigns online, If you are looking for the best landing page builder, you are at the right place.

Note: This is not an affiliate post or sponsored review.

In this post, we will look into a few of the best builders with their features and pricing. We will review the following landing page software solutions:

1. Ucraft
2. ClickFunnels
3. Instapage
4. Wishpond Builder
5. Landigi
6. Divi Builder Plugin & Theme

Ucraft Landing Page Review

Ucraft is a pretty new addition to the landing page builder category. With an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, UCraft makes it easy to build unique landing pages with customization. It has a library of templates to choose from and create.

The main advantage of this tool is that it has a few features in the free plan that emphasizes quality. The templates in the free plan are professionally designed and easy to edit, even if you are a newbie.

UCraft is not just a landing page builder but has many use cases. Marketers can use UCraft to create:

1. Landing Page
2. E-Commerce Websites
3. Dynamic Websites
4. Logo Design Tool

The UCraft landing page builder integrates with multiple apps that are useful for marketers like Intercom and MailChimp. CRO specialists can use analytical tools like HotJar, LuckyOrange, and Google Analytics.

You could connect your Canva account with your Ucraft account to publish artwork directly to your blog or website from Canva once designed. In case you use royalty-free stock images from Unsplash, you could use the available integration with Unsplash.

It is a reasonably straightforward process to get started. You could sign up with social accounts or with your email ID. The interface is pretty user-intuitive and will guide you to the available options and templates to get started right away.

The pages can be edited using the builder, taking advantage of the existing templates and later can be added with the header, footer, and blocks. Elements can be added to the block to customize according to the requirements. Elements include:

  • Galleries
  • Text Blocks
  • Icons
  • Image Files
  • Video Files
  • PDF
  • Slide Shows

Connecting a custom domain is much easier, and you can preview before going live. Once published, anyone can access it. UCraft offers a 14-day trial to test the app.

The key features of UCraft are:

The easy to use drag and drop interface
Plenty of available templates
Search Engine Optimization Options
SSL installation for security and SEO
Ecommerce Functionality
Email Marketing Capabilities
Integration with multiple apps

ClickFunnels Review – The Landing Page and Funnel Builder

In this ClickFunnels review, we will look at how we can use ClickFunnels as a landing page builder rather than a funnel builder as it is called and used. Every digital marketing team would require a landing page builder like click funnels at some point in time.

Created by Russel Brunson, Clickfunnels is one of the most popular page builders available and known to the internet marketing crows because of its marketing strategy using affiliates. The product has been promoted extensively by big-time super affiliates pushing it to their 100000s of subscribers since the affiliate commissions per sale are recurring and monthly.

Here, we will look into the positive and negative factors about Clickfunnels and why you should consider it before buying it for landing page requirements. Depending on your requirements and the hype in the market for this product, Clickfunnels might not be the ideal solution unless it meets your needs since it is a funnel builder with additional bells and whistles require on a landing page builder.

ClickFunnels has become so popular in a brief period, but is it worth it, or is it just hype. Read on to find out for yourself. Adding it to your marketing stack is a big decision as the cost of implementing the tool goes up considerably fast when compared to its competitors in the landing page builder scene.

There is no denying it’s popular, but does that mean it’s worth it? How much can we trust the crowd on this one? It seems it’s just another website and landing page builder, so what sets it apart, and should you add it to your marketing stack?

Key features of ClickFunnels

A ClickFunnels review wouldn’t be complete without revealing the best features it offers like other builders we are looking into in 2021 and beyond.

1. The software had a good drag and drop interface for building landing pages.
2. Conversion optimization tools are integrated for easy split testing and multivariate testing.
3. Integration with Payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe makes it a good choice for sellers/eCommerce stores selling or reselling a few or single products.
4. With a very short learning curve, Clickfunnel is relatively easy to use and user intuitive

Clickfunnels offer a 14-day trial for you to test it out before you start spending your hard-earned money on the full-fledged software every Month.

Launched in early 2014, Clickfunnels have grown to be a significant player in the internet marketing industry. The builder has made it easy for entrepreneurs to create landing pages much faster without any development or coding background.

Designing and Developing a complete sales funnel used to take weeks or even months, depending on the complexities and integrated technologies. With ClickFunnels making it easier and faster to create sales funnels and landing pages, the time to launch from design and development has gone down considerably, making it easier for product creators and marketers to launch products quickly.

Even though the interface is user-friendly and straightforward, it is robust and has many features that marketers can use to create and marketing funnels. Designing a Funnel takes considerable time and effort, so you need to make a clear plan and structure of how the entire funnel looks. Since we are looking into the landing page-building capabilities of ClickFunnels, we will see the marketing funnel side. A landing page will have a sole focus on capturing a lead from targeted traffic.

The landing page should flow seamlessly, guiding the user to take the desired action. In this aspect, ClickFunnels saves time and improves efficiency. Since there are multiple payment options available, it is easier to integrate and receive payments on your pages.

Coming back to the landing page builder and its advantages, ClickFunnels enable any marketer with minimum technical knowledge to design, duplicate and save as template designs. The drag and drop builder lets you create different versions of the same page for A/B testing.

The builder can split the traffic into different pages that are under testing. With API integration with multiple applications, you can integrate with varying autoresponders of email and CRM solutions to manage your leads collected on the landing pages.

If you are already using the WordPress platform for your website, you can integrate ClickFunnels using the WordPress plugin for Clickfunnels. The integration is seamless and saves time. With more than 10,000+ installations already, you are in good company when WordPress users implement ClickFunnels on their website to create landing pages and marketing funnels.

There are a few key features in the plugin, such as creating forms, custom CSS, and customization options.

That said, there are few disadvantages for ClickFunnels as a Landing Page Builder. The main drawback is the pricing.

It is one of the most expensive landing page builders available online at $97/Month and $297/Month for the advanced plan. As a marketer, budget is mainly one of the main factors that influence the purchasing decision.

Another drawback of click funnels is poor customer support. The lack of advanced support and knowledge base makes it difficult to consider it as one of the best customer-friendly landing page builders available in the marketplace.

Since they have a perfect marketing system based on their affiliates, the marketing makes it seem like the best funnel builder available for the technically handicapped. Russel Brunson is a great marketer, and he has focused more on promotion than fixing specific issues that can drag the growth of his landing page or the “Funnel” builder.

With the wide use of this software, the designs are not so unique. You need to know a bit of customization and figure out the interface with some custom CSS to make it look amazing.
With the premium pricing plan per Month, ClickFunnels is a bit too far behind when it comes to being a bug-free solution. The software does have a lot of glitches. The builder is far from being the perfect solution for those in need of a landing page builder that can work without flaws.

The different levels of use plans have other options and features available. The basic plan comes with the core options like the funnel-builder with limitations in the number of pages created with limits in visitors.

If you are connecting your domains, the basic version allows you to have only 3 domains linked to the account. However, the plans, whichever it might be, enable unlimited users and contacts.

There are options for A/B testing and some integrations available. The backpack add-on has the opportunity to add one-time payment products and subscriptions.

Follow-up pages can be used by marketers using this plan. The funnel templates are optimized for easy implementation.

Click funnels integrate with an array of payment gateways, including Jvzoo, PayPal, Stripe, and many more. In conclusion, I would recommend ClickFunnels to those who don’t want to waste time building landing pages from scratch using HTML/CSS.

If you have the budget, then go ahead and take ClickFunnels for a trial run among the available others. That said, a great builder will not fix a broken funnel or product. If your product is not up to the market standards, you will have shallow conversions.

Beware, the software is a bit chunky, comparatively expensive, and customer service is not up to the mark either.

Try out ClickFunnels Today.

Instapage landing page creator

Instapage falls among the best LP builders available today. From Startups to enterprises, it is an excellent option to create unique pages. With more than 1000 responsive templates, you can have a landing page designed without a developer. Like any other top landing page designers, Instapage is a frag and drop software where you can add different components to set up pages for your business. Some of the features available on Instapage are:

1. User-friendly drag and drop interface
2. Embedding interactive widgets
3. Large library of don’ts to stock images
4. Customized confirmation message on form complete
5. Easy to edit templates
6. Dynamic keyword insertion
7.Conversion optimization tools for AB Testing
8. Integrations with analytics

The Basic plan of Instapage starts at $99 a month, which includes analytics, responsive landing page, and premium integrations.

Instapage offers a 14-day day free trial that gives you a chance to test all the plan features.
Try Instapage free trial here.

Wishpond Landing Page creator

Wishpond is a landing page creator targeting marketers in the software and SAAS industry. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Wishpond’s creator is built for creating landing pages that are conversion optimization. This requires very little input or customization from eh designers. This makes it an excellent option for starters and professionals alike.

The interface is so user-friendly that the drag and drop builder gives the flexibility to create advanced compositions on landing pages without any coding knowledge. Some of the critical features of Wishpond Landing page builder are:

1. Fast integration with other software solutions for marketing
2. 100s of responsive templates for landing pages
3. Easy to use drag and drop builder
4. Industry-specific templates with addon elements like Pop-ups and forms
5. Impressive live chat and customer support

Wishpond offers a massive library of resources to help its customer base and online marketers. There are multiple pricing packages for Wishpond. The basic plan starts @ $49 per month, and the next plan is priced at $99 per month. There is an additional rapid growth plan @$199 for the extensive users. The primary difference between these plans is the number of leads you can collect during the month.

Wishpond offers a 14-day trial to try their features. Try Wishpond now.

Landingi – Landing Page builder review

A landing page builder for non-programmers; If you are a small business and need landing pages, it is a good solution. The landing page builder is an easy choice and is used by more than 3500 companies, and from my experience, I can say that it would be an ideal option for you if you are starting as a marketer. Without any coding knowledge, you can create landing pages that can be edited and optimized for conversion.

The process is simple and mostly automated.

Landingi offers all major solutions like drag and drop builder, extensive library of responsive templates. It is a competition with other landing page builders available in the market in 20201.

The key features are:

1. Simple interface for page creation
2. Advanced inbuilt analytics
3. SEO optimization options
4. Quality score analysis for paid advertising
5. Tracking of user interactions
6. Trackogn oc vvover rate
7. Seamless integration with HubSpot marketing automation.
8. 100+ responsive templates
9. Lead transfer to email marketing software like MailChimp.
10. extensive marketing supports.
11. Affordable starter plans.
12. Affordable Advanced automation packages.

Plan and Pricing of Landingi

Landingi offers one the most competitive pricing plans among landing page builders. Today their starter plan is priced at $29/Month. The next plan is $5 per month, and the automated plan is priced at $59 per month, which features an autoresponder and AB testing.

If you are an enterprise that requires sub-accounts and branded emails, then the suite plan at $209 per month would be the ideal choice.

The landing page builder from Landigi can be hosted on WP hosting, which very fast solution for marketers. It offers a 14-day trial which does not require cred card details. Try Landingi today.

Divi Builder Review

Over the last eight years, the Divi WordPress theme and plugin have become popular because of its ease of implementation with minimum knowledge of WordPress or coding.

The Divi builder has two options. One is the WordPress theme, and the other is the WordPress plugin. The theme works on its own on any WordPress installation.

The plugin, on the other hand, can be used with any WordPress theme. Divi builder has advanced features like split testing and custom theme development for different sections of the website like header and footer. Some of the critical features of Divi builder are mentioned below.

The large volume of high-quality built-in templates

Divi builder has pre-installed high-quality templates that marketers can use businesses for any website or landing page. The pre-built templates and the visual builder are two deadly combinations for Divi’s competitors in the market.

The visual builder, a drag and drop tool, makes it easier for even a non-tech-savvy user to implement landing page optimization.

If you are like me and like building WordPress websites from scratch, the Divi builder tool is one of the best you can get. In case you do not like creating sites from scratch Divi provides a vast range of high-quality templates that could work on any available WordPress theme.

The template layouts are categorized and organized efficiently. Some of the layout categories are art and design, business, community and nonprofit, education, events, fashion and beauty, health and fitness, technology, and many more. These are called layout packages that can be used for different industries. These packs primarily consist of home page designs, landing pages, and standard pages like about us and contact us.

Even though you can select from a wide range of templates, you should edit them and customize them according to your requirements. The layouts can be used as a starting base, and you can change text, images using the visual builder. Divi builder comes with the following features.

  • Create custom layouts for each page
  • Ability to create pages from existing designs
  • Multiple options for adding content modules
  • Easy to use drag and drop visual builder
  • Option to undo and redo actions
  • Preview options for mobiles, tablets, and desktops

If you create multiple websites and wish to use the same element across different domains, you could easily do that with Divi builder.

The features save a lot of time when creating multiple websites at the same time. The application makes the whole process more efficient and productive.

Most WordPress themes available in the WordPress directory provide customization to a certain extent. Still, most of them do not have the feature to customize the core areas like header, footer, and template layouts. You can create custom templates for headers and footers; you can also create designs for blog posts, e-commerce pages, and 404 error pages.

Divi is not a landing page builder at its core, some conversion optimization tools built in make it an ideal tool for creating landing pages for marketing.

The best feature for conversion optimization inside Divi is the split testing tool. This feature lets you create different versions of your designs and observe which one provides more conversions. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can make the split test functionality built into the Divi builder.

When using this tool, you are not limited to using two options. You could carry out multivariate split testing to optimize your landing pages.

If your objective is to achieve higher conversion rates on your landing pages and work on a WordPress-based website or a page builder Divi is the best option for the job.

Elegant themes would not provide responsive customer service and got a lot of criticism from customers.

In recent times elegant themes have implemented a support ticket system and a fast messenger support channel. The detailed documentation, online community forum, and regular meetups have built a community of Divi users of its own.

Divi pricing options:

Divi is one of the most affordable landing page builders based on a WordPress installation. With a yearly license priced at $89 and a lifetime plan at $249 with a 30-day money-back guarantee, Divi builder is one you should try out for your landing page requirements.

Conclusion :

Divi is one of the best multi-purpose WP theme/plugins. It provides a box solution for many of the problematic tasks a marketer would face while building websites.

Anyone who wants to create a landing page/website without coding should try out Divi Page builder for sure. You wouldn’t be disappointed with the value of your purchase.

Now that we have examined a few of the best landing page builders in the market, I would recommend you test each one of them choose the right one for your requirements.


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