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Best Scheduling Software & Tools

Reading Time: 6 minutes

If you are busy person and looking for the best scheduling software, here is a list of the best.

Businessmen all around the world deal with a large number of works that sometimes, fall at the same time. They work vigorously and want their workflows to be more reliable, simple and strong. On a daily basis, they deal with many meetings, appointments, managements and some other complex works.

It eventually becomes a Herculean task for them to properly synchronize all the works and ensure business efficiency. It is during these times the professionals look for some advanced, smart but simple systems that can help them to properly run their business with proper synchronization of tasks.

A Scheduling Software tool is one such system that responds to all the queries of the businessmen and helps them to manage their business more efficiently. The tool also helps in minimizing paper works and pleases the customers for making more money online.

List of Best Scheduling Software


Acuity Scheduling

People who deal with a large number of meetings that require some pre plans and appointments can make use of this tool. Acuity Scheduling has a user friendly interface which offers scheduling solutions in real-time.
Features and Benefits:-
• Allows Tracking of revenue for appointments, whether paid or unpaid.
• Easy customization.
• Allows sharing of calendar on social media. Additionally, one can share the calendar through email or post it on one’s website that helps the people to check for free date availability.
• End to end encryption.
• Secure online transactions.
• Easy integration with squarespace etc.
• Auto Time zone adjustment.
• Intake-forms.
Pricing and plans
The trial period is usually free of cost. When shifted to paid versions, plans range from $15 per month to $50 per month. The payment is based on the scheduling needs.
• Easy booking process
• Organized
• Social media integration
• Promotional services.
• Online support.
• Learning resources.
• Mobile app is not powerful.
• People cannot cancel or reschedule meetings in the last few hours of scheduled meetings.
Acuity Scheduling is therefore a 24/7 platform for small to mid size businesses. Most of the issues regarding online bookings, meeting appointments, checking for date availability, etc are solved using this tool in a more user friendly way.

HubSpot Meetings

The tool provides its users a personalized booking link that can be shared anywhere to invite people to view the availability, date and timings and book meetings. One of the best features of this tool is that when someone schedules a meeting, their contact details are automatically updated in the calendar of the businessman and gets pushed to the HubSpot CRM database. Once signed in, the user can get access to its free CRM, marketing, sales and customer service tools like email marketing, chats, forms etc. Additionally, one can get access to the free educational resource of HubSpot i.e. HubSpot Academy.
Key features:-
• Personalized booking link.
• Integration with Google or Office 365
• Ability to update a customer’s contact details in calendar automatically.
• Custom form questions.
Pricing and plans:-
It basically provides two plans. The free plan includes one personalized meeting link, unlimited meetings, HubSpot’s free CRM integration and the ability to auto update customer’s details. In the paid plan, a user need to pay $50/month which includes other paid features of HubSpot Sales and 1000 personal and team meeting links.
• Keeps all the data in one place.
• Grows with you.
• Collect data on all marketing efforts.
• Powerful segmentation options.
• Powerful automation.
• Not a cheaper option always.
• CRM is not as configurable as other solutions.
• Starting process takes time.
HubSpot is desirable for those who deal with a number of meetings daily. The CRM platform provides a strong foundation to the tool and it is consistently growing and improving over time.


Individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, NGOs and related organizations can look for Setmore. It is a strong scheduling tool that offers a wide range of processes, including payments, booking online and scheduling and client engagement. The software is embedded with user friendly features that help the business individuals to control their workflow in a better way.

Key features:-
• Compatible with any device or device independent.
• Text reminders.
• Allows making appointments through social media platforms.
• Optimized payment processing feature.
• Robust customer support.
Pricing and Plans:-
The paid plans that start from $25 per month offers a freemium plan (i.e. Basic services are provided free of cost while the advanced services require payment) with all necessary functions. The Credit card is not required here.
• Device independent.
• SMS and Email alerts for rescheduled and cancelled appointments.
• Robust.
• Highly optimized payment feature.
• The user interface looks outdated.
Setmore is highly recommended for small business owners where small payments and meetings get the highest priority. A Meeting can be done from anywhere at any time in Setmore. The tool also allows branding of bookings and connecting Setmore calendar with various apps for seamless scheduling.


The user interface provided by Calendly is pretty straightforward that makes it recommendable for small to medium-sized organizations. It increases the service quality, sales number and also guides in a proper way for savings simultaneously. The task of manual scheduling of appointments, calls, interviews etc are eliminated here and it efficiently allows auto scheduling.
Key Features:-
• Easy to Navigate user interface
• Auto updation of appointment/meeting date and time.
• Robust.
• Cross checking calendars to avoid booking conflicts.
• Device independent.
• Robust Email support.
• Email reminders.
Pricing and plans:-
The paid versions start from $8 per month after the 14 days free trail gets over.
• Easy to navigate.
• Ability to send auto invites through custom reminders and other features.
• Platform independent.
• Invitees can make an appointment without registering or sign up.
• Robust and simple.
• Email support is not available for the free version of Calendly.
• Can connect only one calendar per account.
• Misreading data and false appointments in some cases.
The tool helps any individual to schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. The small to medium business owners can simply create some invite links share it and start getting meeting appointments in no time. It works with Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar that makes it one of the most important scheduling software to look for.


Findmyshift is basically an employee scheduling software that helps in tracking the work progress of all the employees efficiently. It allows tracking labor costs, conducting meetings for managing shift requests and timesheets. It is a cloud-based scheduling platform that offers a user friendly interface. It can be used by organizations of all sizes and types. It provides a stable, reliable and scalable scheduling process for any type of organizations.
Key Features:-
• Easy tracking of all the staff.
• One-month free trial with premium features.
• Time-clock application to track employee work hours and work schedules.
• Automated shift reminders.
• Smart pay rate calculation to pay employees with different hourly rates accurately.
• Secure transactions and automated data backups.
Pricing and plans:-
A free version is offered to up to employees. Apart from this a one-month free trial is provided for the paid version which starts from Euro 16.50 per team.
• Amazing customer service.
• Good customizable feature.
• User friensdly.
• Highly functional Android and IOS applications to keep employees connected.
• Clock-in time cannot be adjusted manually.
• The desktop version’s user interface looks outdated.
The tool is by far a great tool for organizations of any size as it helps in tracking the working progress of the employee in a better way. Also, it offers a free version for up to 5 employees which makes it more recommendable.


Service based companies that have a large number of employees to deal with can make use of SimplyBook tool. One can get a professional website with a full booking system. The tool has a special ability to add “Book now” option on different websites or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Google Profiles. Payments in SimplyBook are received online via their POS system and have a lot of other great marketing features. User can meet through video meeting, can send marketing emails to provide coupons, gift cards and can do much more things through SimplyBook.
Key features:-
• Automated delivery of booking confirmation email and SMS.
• Issue tickets in the form of QR codes.
• Receive online payments from multiple payment interfaces.
• Easy synchronization.
• Efficient integration with Google analytics to track visitors.
• Reward system for promoting business.
• Custom features in every plan.
Pricing and plans:
There are many paid plans for SimplyBook including a free plan.
• Free plan-it includes a website for booking with up to 50 booking and 1 custom feature.
• Basic Plan ($9.90/month)-it includes up to 100 bookings, 3 custom features and adds POS and coupons/gift cards.
• Standard Plan ($29.90/month)-it includes up to 500 bookings and 8 custom features and adds HIPAA regulations.
• Premium Plan ($59.90/month)-it includes up to 2000 bookings, adds link removal and unlimited custom features.
• Works elegantly.
• Useful integrations.
• Good customer support.
• Occasional issues with iframes.


The tool is an excellent solution for any service based companies. The user friendly interface of SimplyBook allows even the non technical users to use it with ease.


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