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Best Ways to Download YouTube Videos

Reading Time: 4 minutes

If you have been trying to download YouTube Videos and find it to be a difficult task, you are reading the right post. YouTube—One of the most popular and on-demand video platforms in the world envisions nearly 30 million visitors each day who watch 5 billion videos with over 1 billion watch hours daily on an average.

It happens quite often that it becomes impossible for us to watch videos online due to some official works or other personal works. Also, at the same time, we want to watch a video that appears in the YouTube feed. Therefore, we need to save those videos to watch it later or else it might get lost in the ever increasing video world of YouTube.

There are multiple ways of downloading videos, but here, I furnish some of the latest ways to download the YouTube videos with ease.

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?
Every reputed and big online platform like YouTube has some sets of terms of service that every user/visitor must follow. It informs them about what they can do and what they cannot.

Although, it seems that downloading YouTube videos without paying, is a crime, but YouTube never penalizes user for downloading certain videos which are royalty free and possess correct license. Anyone having access to Google can watch YouTube videos easily.

What steps you should follow to download YouTube Videos?
There are many ways of downloading YouTube Videos.

Some of the most effective ways are described below:

You can efficiently download a YouTube video with the help of some downloading tool/converter. There are some free downloading tools available like Itubego, AllMyTube, 4K Download etc. along with some paid versions too which provide higher video quality.

Once the tool is opened, check for some important features of the tool like video quality, subtitles, speed, multiple file format compatibility and much more. A tool, supporting video resolution ranging from 360p-1080p, speed downloading and with the capability to support multiple file formats like MP3, MP4, FLAC etc is appreciable. Simply search for the video you want to download and click on the ‘download’ option to continue.

Another way of downloading videos is with the help of online downloading tool. You can simply open the video you want to watch, copy the URL address and paste it in those tools like Click on START button or GO/DOWNLOAD button that appears on the screen after pasting the URL.

You can also download videos directly.
Yes, you have read it correctly. Videos can also be downloaded directly from YouTube. This can be done by following simple steps—

Open the video you want to view or download.
‘ss’ can be added to the URL after ‘www.’ but before ‘’. Press enter and you will be redirected to a free downloading site.
Choose the file formats and video quality and then click on “download” button after which the video will be downloaded instantly.

Download videos with ADD-ons of browser.
Some Add-ons are available in Firefox and chrome which allow multiple videos to get downloaded.
For example: – ‘YouTube Video and Audio Downloader’ for Opera. The process is simple here. You need to download and install the ADD-on after which you can simply head on to YouTube, choose a video and a series of options will be popped up like Quick Download, Download panel, etc.

Once Quick Download option is clicked after selecting the video quality and other features, video will get downloaded.

How to download videos with a virtual desktop?
If you don’t know the way of downloading videos with a virtual desktop, you are indeed at the right place to know about it in details.

Follow simple steps to achieve success:-
Head to the YouTube platform and search for the video you want to view.
Add ‘vd’ to the URL (similar to what we have seen while adding ‘ss’) before ‘’ and after ‘www.’ and click on enter button. Now you will be redirected to Django website for the video you wish to download.
Lastly, again you need to choose a proper video quality and file format for the video. Click on download button and the video gets downloaded within seconds.

How can you download YouTube Videos with a VLC player?

Users with VLC player already installed, this section is for you. For those who don’t, it is recommended to download it as it is secure and makes the downloading process easier. You need to follow some steps to download videos in an easier way and in secured manner with a VLC player.
Open the video you want to download and copy its URL.
Open the VLC media player and look for ‘Media’ option. Click on it. If you are using windows, click on ‘open network stream’. If you are using a MAC, click on FILE and then OPEN NETWORK.
Now you will be shown a page with a text editor. Paste the URL already copied.
Click on play and the video starts playing.

Click on ‘Codec information’ which can be reached either by ‘CTRL+J’ command or manually by TOOLS>>Codec information. A new window opens, i.e. ‘Location’. Copy the video information from the location text box for windows users. For MAC users, right click on the field and click on the ‘open URL’ option.

Windows users have already copied the URL. Paste it onto the web browser and press enter. This step is not meant for MAC users.

You will find the video starts playing by itself on your browser online. Now you can save the video by right clicking and selecting the “save video as” option.

The video now starts downloading. Here, you have a default file format which is MP4 and a default video title which is ‘videoplayback’. Once downloaded save it anywhere you want.

I have described some of the easiest and best ways to download YouTube videos. Also, I have mentioned about some useful YouTube Video downloading tools available online with which you can download videos efficiently.
So what are you waiting for!!

Choose the way you find the easiest and start downloading videos. In case you need to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 file, you could refer the YouTube Mp3 Converter post.


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