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How much does it cost to Advertise on Instagram in 2020

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If you have been planning to make the most out of social media and thinking about how you can advertise on Instagram but have no idea how to do it or how much it will cost to advertise on Instagram then you are reading the right post.

Instagram as a social media platform helps its users in creating posts, stories, and boomerangs to effectively engage your audiences, Instagram also facilitates paid advertising which is a powerful marketing tool.

Instagram ads offer advanced targeting and flexibility to access just about any business much like Facebook Advertising. If you are very popular on the Instagram platform, it becomes a bonus point for you to attract more target audiences.

How does Instagram pricing work?

If you have a Facebook business page then you need not necessarily have an Instagram account because Instagram allows you to advertise even without an account.

However, it is always best to have one. The ads can have up to 5 different calls to action, can link to outside websites, and also allows the user to download applications or shop online.

These ads are created with tools like Ad Manager in Business Manager and the Facebook ads API similar to the Facebook ads. Also, you will set a budget and target audience, which will help your ad to run within the time frame and budget parameters.

Why Instagram Advertising is worth the investment?

Benefits for paying for ad space on Instagram are enumerated as under:-
Advanced Targeting:
Instagram uses the same demographic and geographic data as Facebook since it is owned by Facebook. Thus, a large number of audiences are targeted in an advanced way.

Click through rates:
People rely on the Instagram platforms and therefore the click-through rates on Instagram ads are roughly 2.5 times more than other social media platforms.

Inclusion of outside links:
You can even include an outside link on your caption or message but, it cannot be clicked. Users can copy paste it into another browser and visit the link. This enables you to promote the product pages.

Long-range videos:
Instagram advertisement video posts allow up to 30 seconds video clips which is much more as compared to normal video posts of 15 seconds. This provides you to let the user know more about your personality and the features of your offer.

Cost to advertise:
The cost of advertising on Instagram is little more than the cost of Twitter advertising and Facebook, but it has better click-through rates and impressive targeting capabilities.

The average CPM (Cost Per Thousand views) is $6.70. This is likely to lower as more and more companies utilize the platform.

Advertising on Instagram and other social media platforms need strategic planning to succeed. It may take a few attempts to gather the initial response which is normal for any marketing campaign. Social media is a very powerful tool that enables you to reach out to many. Therefore, Have a Try.




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