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Top Two Free Blog Platforms- Site123 vs Hubpages

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If you are looking for a free blog platform , you could use Site123. They have a very good support team and offer a variety of web templates. Unlike other platforms, Site123 is much easier to setup. As always, free blogging platforms come with their own problems and limitations.

The limitations of Free Blog Platform:

1. Limited Customisation in Design & Features
2. Limited Features
3. Displays 3rd Party ads on your blog

Coming to the next contender, we have HubPages.

Hubpages has been around for a long time now. Even though you cant customize or edit the layouts of your blog pages, this free blog platform enables you to publish your content and pays you well if the content ranks and gets clicks from organic traffic.

In case you need a detailed review of the different blogging platforms, you can read it here.


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