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Fresh Store Builder Review : Is It Still the Best in 2022?

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Fresh Store Builder review here will cover all you need to know to make an informed decision about whether or not to use this software to build Amazon affiliate websites, with the goal of generating income. Creating content to promote Amazon’s products can be a significant source of income. But only if you have the correct hardware and program.

Fresh Store Builder Review

There are no WordPress plugins or themes compatible with the Fresh Store Builder (though it does have WordPress themes and plugins as add-ons). Having WordPress or another content management system is not necessary. A website’s essentials are a name for your online presence, somewhere to host it, and an Amazon Associates account. As easy as that.

It’s totally up to you the products you choose to advertise. Some products sell better than others and earn you a higher commission rate. A newer version of Fresh Store Builder is available now. Fresh Store Builder (FSB) requires that you have an Amazon Associates account.

The benefits of having an Amazon affiliate site:

  • A simple route to profit.
  • Advertising on Amazon is a piece of cake.
  • Having a universal cookie makes earning commissions a breeze.
  • Review articles are simple to write, and they rank well in search engines.
  • A plethora of relevant search terms for consumer use.
  • There is a wealth of information available about the products already. No purchase is necessary to read reviews of these.
  • Simple to expand by making more of what already exists or making new sites.
  • A respectable income is still possible.

Amazon Affiliate Sites’ Drawbacks:

  • Payouts from Amazon are rather little (but can add up).
  • Just a one-day cookie (there are ways to get a 90-day one).
  • Websites that just feature testimonials may seem “thin.”
  • Easily becomes boring.
  • Rankings are slow to come and link building might be challenging.

While it may be true that a large Amazon site requires more maintenance than a smaller authority site, the reverse is not always true.

If you set your sights on the site, any sales made through any of the other sites will not earn you any commission.

Here is a quick reference to the various sections of the document.

New Online Shop Builders Evaluated

Can You Describe the Functions of the New Shopify Builder?

Comparing the Benefits and Drawbacks of a New Online Store Builder.

Website Formats to Avoid on Amazon Affiliate Programs.

Conclusions for Amazon Affiliate Sites Using the FSB.

Comprehensive Analysis of a New Online Store Creator.

To what extent do you find Amazon’s policies and practices to be restrictive? For some, the hardest part is making sure everything is up to date. In the eyes of some, success lies in maintaining user engagement. To some, the goal is only increased site visits.

The Fresh Store Builder is a piece of software that helps you make Amazon-focused specialty stores. The main distinction is that Fresh Store Builder may function entirely independently.

It’s a web program that runs on your own server. You can manage your stores remotely from a control panel after downloading and installing the software on your hosting provider’s servers. Having experience with WordPress will be helpful, as the two are extremely similar. Also, it has been designed and tweaked with newcomers in mind.

You can find help if you get stuck in the forum or the support section. You will receive your account’s username and password shortly after making a purchase. Something similar to accessing the WordPress administration panel (wp-admin).

Access these resources and more, once you sign in to your Fresh Store Builder account. Includes information on domain registration, web host selection, finding a market niche, setting up Fresh Store Builder, and much more.

This made me extremely happy to see that these guides are a great resource, especially for newcomers. You can learn without constantly reading, thanks to the video guides provided.

The setup procedure is straightforward and simple. You can always ask for help from the service’s support team if you encounter problems. After successfully installing Fresh Store Builder on your site, you’ll be taken directly to the admin dashboard.

Go to to access this (where is your own URL). Then, simply enter your admin credentials to log in. Now is the time to begin constructing Amazon affiliate websites.

You may delay setting these preferences until later if you prefer. The fact that there are only two different layouts was a significant drawback for me. Similar to each other are the Smooth Store and Flexi Store templates. Beginning with version 5.0, you can take advantage of a third complimentary template that is also mobile-friendly.

You can purchase extra templates for $37-$47. I advise using only what’s freely available online and customizing the look and feel to suit your needs. You can also make and sell your own templates with FSB, and you’ll always get a cut of the profits for as many templates as you’d like to submit.

Site description, categories, etc., comprise the rest of the configuration options. Products can be added manually, via a product search or browse node, or automatically via a product feed.

The Fresh Store Builder has been engineered from the ground up with Google and other major search engines in mind (at least, that is what the authors say). The system is connected to Amazon, so you can easily import their latest product listings and prices into your online shop.

To ensure that all product information is always up to date, we’ve integrated our stores directly with Amazon. Any time the price of an item changes, the corresponding page on your site will be updated automatically.

It is possible to automate the populating of your online shop’s category tags. Any new products that meet the criteria will be added immediately. Meta, alternate, title, tag information, and sitemaps are all generated mechanically.

The administration panel is where you make change the look of your shop. The entire style of the site can be altered at your whim.

For simple edits, this is not required, but it can be helpful if you have experience with HTML, CSS, and website design. Like WordPress, Fresh Store Builder allows you to create and modify templates. By making a fresh template, you can have your own look that you can apply to products sold elsewhere.

There is room for distinct text and other details on each category, page (including the homepage), product, and manufacturer. All parts of your shop, from products to categories, can receive new information.

The actions you take in your site’s administration panel will remain private and out of the view of any visitors. When you are finished making changes, click “Go Live.” The site will then be visible to the public.

However, simply stocking your online shop with Amazon products won’t cut it. To avoid being penalized by search engines, you need to use original content or at least have it rewritten.

Make sure you’re providing valuable services at your shop. Include some original writing, critiques, or sound advice.

To that end, Fresh Store Builder is compatible with Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter (read our review of Spin Rewriter). This kind of product rewrites existing text. You shouldn’t expect 100% originality from them, but if you’re short on time or lazy, they’re not a bad option.

So, you’re interested in the features of the new Shopify store builder.

The features that Fresh Store Builder software promises to offer are as follows:

  • Designed for Google and other top search engines.
  • It will populate itself with your products and keep them up to date automatically if you so choose. Everything in your shop will manage itself.
  • Modify every aspect of the design to your liking: the color scheme, the fonts, the layout, the slideshow, the pages, the articles, the products, etc.
  • Proficient Search Engine.
  • Allows for access to any and all Amazon properties
  • Full Reports – Learn About Your Visitors’ Behavior and Revenue Flow
  • Optimized Web Pages – All Shop Content Is Currently Stored in a Cache for Lightning-Fast Loa
  • 90-Day Snack Icon.
  • For the purposes of a Shopping Cart.
  • Synergy Between Content-Spinning Tools and Spin-Rewriting Engines for Rewriting Existing Text (Those are sold separately and are not included with FSB. That’s because they’re optional.
  • Visitors to your site have the option of subscribing to a newsletter.
  • Regardless of the Amazon marketplace you’re promoting, you can switch the shop’s default currency here.
  • IP Country Redirection enables you to reroute visitors based on their country of origin.
  • Robotically Generated Site Maps.
  • Extensive Annotation of Extracts.
  • External Linking – New internal linking is an additional feature of the Shopify Store Creator. Incorporating this function into your site’s content will automatically generate links to a specified page. The structure of a site’s internal links is highly valued by search engines.
  • Related items – Determine which items to upsell or cross-sell.
  • Deeper intelligent searching displays relevant Amazon results even if you haven’t yet added them to your store.
  • Combining Facebook and Pinterest.

SECOND UPDATE: New in Fresh Store Builder 5

  • Put the might of Fresh Store Builder to work for your Facebook pages with the help of Facebook Store.
  • Customers can now leave feedback on your storefront, giving you access to the original content and increased customer engagement.
  • The program repeats automatic Facebook product posts for your store.
  • New + 100% Responsive Template – This is the third free template available to all members, and it’s fully responsive, so it looks great on any device.
  • Widgetized Home Page – Added a Widgetized Home Page to All Templates
  • Amazon Compliance Disclosure – Two messages and parameters are added to the shop so that you can choose to show or hide these messages in order to be in full compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) and to provide the appropriate disclosures.
  • SSL setup and compatibility allow the secure serving of Amazon images and other content. If you’re running an ordinary website (http) and want to switch to SSL, a simple migration tool (https) is included.
  • Features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements beyond those already mentioned abound.

Update #3: New in Fresh Store Builder 6:

  • Use the new Exit Popup to prevent losing customers.
  • Automated Cookie Consent helps you avoid legal trouble.
  • The enhancement of social sharing buttons in favor of quicker page loads in retail settings.
  • Don’t let Amazon’s search results ruin your business.
  • Take advantage of the newest markets by translating your content into any language (French, Spanish, Italian, and German)
  • Use the New and Improved Search Function to provide your users with the information they seek.
  • With the help of the Custom Buy Link function, you can earn more money per sale.
  • Expand your business with the help of Quicker Install.
  • The new Health Department in the shop should help you out a lot.
  • Use exclusive content to improve your Facebook store.
  • Put hypothetical shops through their paces with the help of Example Data.

Plus, a plethora of new additions and improvements.

UPDATE #4 New in Fresh Store Builder 7:

  • Auto-Posting to Pinterest.
  • Support for Rich Pins Has Been Enhanced Promoting your site by incorporating Rich Pins.
  • Store Construction in Ten Seconds with a Zip File.
  • Shop items without refreshing the page with the new AJAX Cart feature! (Template dependant).
  • Illustrations serve as a backdrop. Twenty pre-installed background images and the option to upload your own give Fluid a head start when it comes to personalizing your website.

What We Like and Don’t About the New Online Store Creator.

What We Like and Don’t About the New Online Store Creator

The following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using Fresh Store Builder to make Amazon affiliate websites:


  • Courses with both video and written materials.
  • Combination with rewriting tools that change the meaning of words.
  • Country-specific IP rerouting.
  • The Facebook Shop.
  • Icons for Sharing on Social Networks.
  • Capability to function independently.
  • Once the product is purchased, the license is perpetual.
  • Integrating with WordPress is now possible.


  • The service is slow and inconsistent.
  • Unfortunately, there are only three available free templates.
  • Premium accounts cost more( include perks like a private forum, priority customer service, and access to updates before the general public.)
  • The Amazon Application Programming Interface (API) frequently experiences issues.
  • Unfortunately, it does not work in two minutes as promised.

The Bad Kinds of Amazon Affiliate Sites

Shady characters always sell inferior wares to cash in on a trend’s sudden popularity. Numerous individuals are offering autoblogs and duplicate-content sites for sale on Amazon.

Not every Amazon site is as good as the ones you’ve already enjoyed. Throw away the trash! You can’t expect overnight success with an Amazon specialty site.

I’d also like to mention that maintaining an Amazon-style storefront is still a lot of work. The reviews can’t be thrown up without thought about their quality.

Producing new content regularly is essential, expanding your sphere of influence and attracting quality inbound links to your site.

Synopsis of Amazon Partners Using Fresh Store Builder Review

The price of $97 will get you access to the Fresh Store Builder. Remember that once you’ve made your purchase, you can open as many shops as you like. Premium membership adds additional features for $47 per year (not required).

You can also become a reseller and offer Fresh Store Builder stores for sale on Flippa and other online marketplaces and discussion boards to your clientele.

If interested in becoming a reseller, you can do so for $27 per month or $197 upfront for a lifetime license. I’d look into getting a reseller license, but I’m currently swamped with too many projects. If for any reason, you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

In general, when it was version 5, I tested Fresh Store Builder. Since I haven’t used the software in quite some time, I can’t speak to its current usefulness or the quality of its customer service.

Suppose you’re looking for an alternate method of making Amazon affiliate sites or other niche affiliate websites. In that case, I recommend checking out the affiliate store builder WordPress themes I’ve listed below. I suggest reading the Content Egg review or the Datafeedr review to find a reliable Amazon affiliate plugin.


  • Combination with rewriting tools that change the meaning of words.
  • Country-specific IP rerouting.
  • Capability to function independently.
  • Once the product is purchased, the license is perpetual.
  • Integrating with WordPress is now possible.
  • Capable, Intelligent Search That Goes on for Hours.
  • Combining Facebook and Pinterest.


  • The service is slow and inconsistent.
  • Unfortunately, there are only three available free templates.
  • The Amazon Application Programming Interface (API) frequently experiences issues.
  • Unfortunately, it does not work in two minutes as promised.

You, the reader, are now at the helm. Are you familiar with Fresh Store Builder? So, what do you make of this Fresh Store Builder Review? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!


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