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how can you be in the top of Google

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Looking to accelerate your online business but have no idea how to organize properly? Ever wondered how can you be in the top of Google?

If you answer “Yes”, then don’t worry. Thinking about this is quite natural. Every individual business owners want their business to shine brightly, but may not find the right way of doing it. Questions after questions get stacked in mind and ultimately you might lose your confidence which is not at all good for your business to flow.

For a business to stand, it is indeed necessary to invest some amounts at the beginning. In the online mode, you can invest that money in Google, which has a perfect policy for all the newcomers (basically) as well as the experienced. Google can advertise your website and land you at the top of search results for particular keywords. Simply you need to pay Google some small amounts and then it starts its work. It compares all the paid accounts bidding for that keyword, displays it and ranks the results considering the quality and relevancy of the advertisement. Still, there is competition, but now the number of competitors is less. To deal with this competition, it is highly recommended to provide quality content and get hired.

Also preferences can be selected where Google map too can post ads for your business. It has an indicator which indicates that your listing is the paid one.

Website traffic can also be increased with social media, retargeting ads and display channels of Pay Per Click advertising methods. They have their own ways of performing and are briefly explained as under:-

Social media advertising:-

Like the way you pay a search advertiser for appearing on top spot for particular searches, in the same way social media shows you relevant feeds when paid. You can get excellent traffic by specifying more psychographic data to get the customers you want.


Display advertising:-

Some reputed and relevant websites are already available in the networking sector and if you can manage to let them post your ads about your business, your business will surely get top stars.


Retargeting ads:-

The term “retargeting” here means targeting the customers already visited once. They appear on websites or social media feeds in front of the people who already visited your website and are more likely to return.


Whom to believe and how to manage instant website traffic generation tools?


You are surely going to get attracted to the free or paid instant website traffic generation system, but, remember without your own efforts and works; you can never be successful in your attempts. Thus, try to avoid these instant website traffic generators. Here we shall discuss three reasons why you should do so.


  • Disturbances in rankings

Google uses some smart methods to detect spammy behavior and get suspicious of spikes in activity. It will then use some irritating bots to attract wrong attention from Google to your site which will eventually hurt your reputations.


  • No traffic targeting:-

Your main motive is to convert the visitors into customers, but with lower rankings and bad reputations you are less likely to get targeted by Google for the services you provide and hence your conversion rate declines.


  • Banning of sites:-

The ultimate thing Google can do with your site is to block and ban you for lifetime from online advertising platforms. This happens when your site is attracting more bot traffic rather than the genuine visitors.


Now the question comes whether there is any better and genuine free website traffic generator.


The answer is yes. Google My Business again comes into play here as it is indeed the best free website traffic generator. It will not cost you any money, but you have to put in some real time efforts as you can’t get any traffic if you can’t keep the visitors connected with your pages and ultimately convert them into customers.

Why Google My business is the best?

  • Free and user friendly.
  • Allows showing searches relevant to your business and location.
  • Increased visibility
  • More qualified traffic are driven to your site.
  • Provides opportunities to post reviews and boost your presence.
  • Easy to use in mobile.
  • Visualizations for the customers so that they can get to know the work you provide the better.
  • Better communications and engagements.


It is needed to keep in mind that “Rome was not built in a day”. You cannot become a successful businessman overnight. Generating traffic to your site and eventually converting the incoming visitors into customers requires some efforts, time and money to some extent. Google My Business is your one stop helping hand that will provide you with every necessary guidance and ultimately lead you to success.








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