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How to Monetize a Lifestyle Blog in 2019

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Income reports after income reports prove that you can make money from your blog but how to monetize a lifestyle blog?

If you have ever asked yourself this question, then this post will answer yours.

Making money from blogging was considered a myth until recently by those who were not so acquainted with the online marketing industry.

It is a practical goal, it is simple but not easy.

The monetization of a lifestyle blog is more desired as it gives the blogger more freedom in choosing the topics to write about and with everyday life happening around them, they have plenty of nice ideas popping up preventing the so called writers block.

When evaluating successful bloggers, some call them lucky others call them skilled. I believe skill is just one part of the whole game but it is not entirely luck on the other hand.

The reason why most bloggers try to monetize their blog even if it is their passion to write about their day to day life and use it as a therapy is that blogging had its own expenses attached to it.

For example, hosting, domain and time.

Lifestyle bloggers can monetize their blogs using many methods.

Ways to Monetize a Lifestyle Blog are:

1. Selling your own Digital product
2. Adsense Advertising
3.Affiliate Marketing
4.Propeller Ads
5. Ezoic Ads
6.Native Ad Networks
7.Media Selling Networks
8.Ad Space
9.Generating leads and Flipping them
10.CPA Marketing
11.Sell Physical Products through an eCommerce website
12.Flip your website for 10x the revenue.
13.Build an Email List to sell using Affiliate Marketing
14.Host Paid Webinars
15.Sell your services
16.Create Membership Site


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