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How to use to manage marketing

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Creative and campaign management is the most crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. Managing creative assets for campaigns is easier using than most of the project management tools in the market, thanks to refreshing and intuiting interface.

The dashboard view
Getting the birds-eye view of how are you doing on your marketing plan and schedule can be a cumbersome task if not managed efficiently. The dashboard for projects gives you the entire picture of the progress and pending tasks. Prioritization is very important and can be set for each task.

Workflow Customization

Another advantage of is that it is highly customizable to your needs and workflow. Usually, the tools expect you to modify your workflow according to its but in case of, you could adapt the tool’s workflow according to yours. From deadlines to assigning projects to your team, everything can be customized.

Grouped View of Tasks
Assigned tasks can be viewed on timelines and the task owner. Task progress is tracked and presented in a very refreshing progress bar. This grouped timeline view makes it easier to have a quick overview of the pending tasks.

Easier Tracking of Time
Time management is again another important factor in inefficient project management. Tasks can be tracked based on the time spent if you enable the tracker as the work is initiated. It is a good feature to track the cost and time on each task and the projects.

Project Management for Social Media Managers
A social media manager needs to plan and schedule social media posts on a daily basis. Creating templates for social media posts has been never so easy. You can create scheduled task for each social media with a deadline and the assets attached to it. When you are ready to create more posts, just duplicated and edit them.

Create plans for daily, weekly and monthly posts on multiple social media platforms. Share notes and collaborate with your team to make the plan a reality with built-in communication and sharing tools. The asset management feature of each task and project help in managing video, graphic and written content.

How to create a social media plan on

1. Create a list of ideas for your posts
2. Group the ideas into weekly posts and topics
3. Decide on the platforms and content type for each of these posts.
4. Create tasks and add brief with related assets if any
5. Schedule tasks on a daily and weekly basis according to the deadlines
6. Assign the tasks to respective team members.
7. Make sure that the project is executed as per the schedule using the overview dashboard.
8. Resolve bottlenecks when the tasks are overdue.

If you are struggling to manage your projects with an infinite number of spreadsheets and assets, you will need a tool like There are several applications that serve the same purpose and you should be using anyone of them if not The biggest disadvantage I see with is that is it much more expensive than most of the tools in the market.

Saving time comes at a cost but this cost seems to be a bit more than I would prefer with other tools which might have a less intuitive interface and bells and whistles than



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