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The Ultimate Article Forge Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Has the Article Forge tool caught your eyes, and you want to know more about it? If your answer is yes, then you are indeed at the right place to know about it in detail.

What is Article Forge?

Whenever you search on Google to find any article generator tools, Google comes up with a list of similar tools. Article Forge will always remain amongst the top tools available in the market. It is an application developed for creating top-quality content.

Be it be any topics or niches, Article Forge always looks for creating the best and the unique content each time it is asked for. It provides the quality of articles which is almost the same as human-made articles. 

Various Advanced algorithms of Artificial Intelligence work together to create articles on diverse and even obscure topics. Users need to pay for using the tool, but it can be bought at a lesser price from the ARTICLE FORGE’s official site directly. 

Benefits of Article Forge:-

  • Multi engagements with readers on platforms like WordPress, Medium, etc.
  • Free trial access.
  • Able to write/rewrite n number of articles with the help of the same keyword.
  • Quick and cheap service.
  • One-click article generation.

Features of Article Forge

High-quality content: – Article forge provides its users with top-level content which are unique and attractive to read.
Better rankings: – The articles provided by the tool help the writer to rank better on various websites as it understands the whole idea first and then starts writing the main content.
More Content creations: – The tool comes up with an option to create more articles at one time, known as a Bulk article generation feature. The tool helps the user by generating more than one article with the same keyword efficiently.
Graphics addition: – one can increase the article’s visibility by adding videos and images to it. Article Forge takes care of this aspect and generates articles by adding graphics to it. 

Article Forge Pricing:-
Article Forge provides two plans for their users. These are:-
Monthly plan: – $57/month
Yearly plan: – $334/year, i.e., 27/month billed annually.

Both the plans include features like:-

  • AI Engine
  • Human-Level Readability
  • Content passes Copyscape
  • One-click article generation
  • 60-second article turnaround
  • Automatically posts to blogs.

It also provides a 30- day No risk Money Back Guarantee.

Top competitors of Article Forge:-

When we talk about alternatives/competitors, we should look for the differences in pricing, ease of use, reliability, and features. Some of the best alternatives for Article Forge are listed as below:-


A Natural Language Generation system, Wordsmith, allows the users to convert their data into text in any format or language and at any scale. As per People’s review, it is more usable, better at support, and meeting requirements when compared with Article Forge.

   AX Semantics:-

It provides a SaaS Platform to develop the user’s own Natural Language Generation applications in the cloud storage. As per People’s review, it is better at support and meeting requirements.


It allows the enterprise organizations with its intelligent automation platform to transform reporting workflows with NLG. It is more usable and better at meeting requirements and support as per people’s reviews.


An advanced platform, Arria is an NLG solution that combines cutting-edge techniques in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics. After analyzing large and diverse data sets, it writes edited and actionable reports with no human intervention at high speed.


It is also an advanced NLG platform that automatically writes reports and is mainly helpful for enterprises.


One can create an article with a headline, rewrite a text, and even summarize a text with the help of another content generation tool known as Contentyze. It writes content in a faster way.

We have seen some of the best features of Article Forge and its alternatives/competitors. Now let us see some of the major differences between Article creator and article rewriting tools. 

These tools are designed for creating a new article based on some keywords and the topic of the article. These tools are designed for rewriting or recreating an already written article to make it unique and more appreciable.
It does not require copy-pasting the entire article or blog. It spins the same sentences or changes them without affecting their original meaning.
 It writes completely new sentences. It requires copy-pasting the entire article or other content to allow the tool to rewrite it.
It requires only the topic and some keywords to create an entirely new article. It requires the entire article to rewrite.
 It involves creating new sentences after some research from the internet to write plagiarism-free articles. It involves spinning sentences, using synonyms of words, and making it plagiarism-free.
Examples: – Article Forge, Wordsmith, Quill, AX Semantics, and much more. Examples: – QuillBot, SpinBot, Dupichecker, SEO Wagon, and much more.

Let us see the details about the best article generator available for the users.

After comparing all the basic reviews and functionalities of various article generator tools from different websites, Article Forge is one of the best Article generators available in the market. 

The tool has more than 4.8 ratings out of 5 on average, which makes it the best. The tool is web-based and provides WordPress plugins to its users. 

Along with that, it additionally provides a five-day free trial before starting the paid version. Although the paid version is comparatively expensive from other content generators, the tool’s quality and services are top-level.

 The tool in its newer version, i.e., v2.6, has some more advanced features that separate it from the other tools by a higher margin. These services include:-

  •    New LSI deep learning model: The tool calculates the most important LSI keyword for the articles for a better ranking through this feature.
  •    Better quality of articles: – With the update, users can get longer articles with better structure and writing flow.
  •    User friendly: – The tool has got a redesigned interface, making it more pleasant to use.

We got the details about Article Forge and ranked it the best, but we have some other tools that are equally useful and creditable. The top 5 Article Writer tools other than Article Forge are enumerated as under: –


 -One of the most efficient tools available online is GrowthBar. It creates outlines for various blog posts and articles and includes various SEO features like backlink analysis and keyword research. It uses Open AI’s GPT-3 AI technology.

Pricing of GrowthBar: –

  • Standard – $29/month.
  • Pro – $79/month.
  • Agency – $129/month. It has an AIDA framework that catches the attention of potential customers, understands their interests, induces their desire, and finally yields action. It expands shorter sentences into longer ones by using the sentence expander module.

Pricing: –

  • Starter – $29/month.
  • Pro – $109/month.

Writesonic: –

The special feature of this tool is that it efficiently creates high-quality content for blog posts, Facebook and Google ads, landing pages, intros, blog ideas, product descriptions, and YouTube headlines. It creates 100% original content.

Pricing: –

  • Free trial – one can get ten free credits in this trial for testing purposes.
  • Starter – $11.60/month.
  • Professional – $39.60/month.
  • Business – $199.60/month

It implements GPT-2 machine learning model in their software and Elon Musk’s same technology within 2018. It generates quality content for SEO experts, bloggers, and marketers.
Pricing: –

  • Writer – $29/month
  • Newsroom – $49/month
  • Printing Press – $129/month
  • Industrial Printer – $199/month.
  • SEO Content Machine: –

As the name suggests, the tool is one of the best tools for generating SEO content. It is a downloadable software on any Mac, Linux, or Windows system and has a better User Interface too. 

Pricing: –

  • Monthly – $27/month.
  • Quarterly – $57 per three months.
  • Yearly – $120 /year.
  • Perpetual – $197 for a lifetime, but free updates are available after every year, for which users need to pay $80 per year.

How to find the best Article or Essay Rewriter?

If you are thinking of using the best article or essay rewriter, but don’t know how to rate or find the best, then follow some ways and work accordingly.

Method 1: –

Find a nice article on Top/Best Article rewriters and check how they have rated the tools.

Method 2: –

Ask Google about ratings of various tools and compare the search results with various other search engines’ results.

Method 3: –

Visit various sites that rate tools and then compare people’s reviews and ratings given on those sites.

Through these ways, users can be able to conclude which tool to choose and use.

Free Article Writing software: –

Many tools help users generate quality content for themselves, paraphrase it, or do some other services.

 These tools are made for both providing quality services and their own business as well. 

Therefore, no advanced and good software tools (except some) offer completely free access.

 It is indeed true that they provide some time as free trials, but they don’t provide access to their services after the trial method gets over if not paid even after the trial method is over.

Let us, therefore, see some of the best tools along with their free trial period or some other methods of trial.

  • Article Forge – 5 days free trial.
  • GrowthBar – 5 days free trial.
  • – 10000 words free for text generation.
  • Writesonic – Free 10 credits.
  • Kafkai – 3 days free trial.
  • Copysmith – 3 days free trial.

Apart from the tools, we have other tools that provide completely free plans and paid plans. These are

  • SEO Content Machine.
  • Articoolo.

Zyro’s AI Content Generator is one of the best content generator tools that provide quality content and that too completely free. It does not have any paid plans for its users. 

Additionally, some other content generation tools do not provide any free plan either. They only have the paid plans for their users. Some of them are: –

  1. Article Builder.
  2. AI Writer.

Hope the reviews have helped you understand different article writing and rewriting tools. Suppose you would like to share your comments to help me improve the quality of this website. Please leave your comments below.


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