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What is Rocket Reach and How to use it in 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Want to know what RocketReach is and who you can use it? Rocket Reach is an application used for finding email ids and contact information of prospects for outreach programs.

Even though we are in the age of information overload it is still difficult to find the right info about the right decision makers. RocketReach is said to be one of the best and accurate databases of contact information that is real time verified

How to use RocketReach to grow your business:

With over 400 million professionals and 17 million users across the globe Rocket Reach can support you in lead generation , hiring , sales and marketing. Small, large and enterprise businesses can find leads and run outreach programs at scale.

Some of the key features of Rocket Reach are:

1. Bulk search – These are filterable
2. API integration
3. Built in outreach program
4. Direct integration with multiple HR tools
5. Extensions for browsers
6. Integration with Hubspot
7. Integration with Salesforce

Empower your marketing team with Rocket Reach:

With Hubspot integration and Salesforce apps you could make the prospecting and outreach programs of your sales teams much more productive.

Rocket Reach for marketing :

With the help of RocketReach you could find leads , build a list of interesting ones and also set up tracking for the same. With these features marketing teams can improve productivity and efficiency which helps to take action like outreach and nurturing to increase return on investment.

Finding important leads has always been a bottleneck for marketing teams across the globe. Even with the basic plans Rocket Reach users can connect with millions of professionals in multiple locations and industries.

Some of the companies that use Rocket Reach are Google , Microsoft , Airbnb , Adobe and Facebook

Rocket Reach for sales teams :

With accurate emails , phone numbers and social profiles , sales teams can reach out to the ideal customers from the companies in the desired locations. Accessing key insights about a company and help the sales teams to engage at a more personalized level during outreach.

Rocket Reach for HR teams :

With the spike in demand for experienced and skilled professionals in every industry HR teams find it difficult to reach out and get in touch with the right candidate. With customizable advanced search , list builder and advanced tracking of e-mails , Rocket Reach helps HR professionals to access the latest updated candidate information.

Is Rocket Reach a reliable source of leads:

Rocket Reach claims 99% of uptime and an accuracy of 87%, which is above average of the current industry standards. Another advantage of rocket reach is that, it doesnt consume your credits. if the platform is unable to find the contact or if the information found is not verified.

Rocket Reach Pricing

If you are looking for a simple outreach program with a few leads, then RocketReach has a Free plan. The Free forever plan lets you find 5 verified data sets per month. Some of the other features available with the Free plan are:

1. Advanced Filterable Search
2. API integrations
3. Chrome Extension
4. HubSpot Integrations for Marketing Automation
5. Salesforce integration for Sales team to manage leads

Upgrading to paid plans:
Even if you exceed your monthly limits, you could easily upgrade to the Bronze plan at $49/Month which gives you access to all the features of RocketReach with 170 credits.

What makes RocketReach Legal?

Wondering if RocketReach is legit? With all the privacy laws and rules like GDPR, each platform that provides contact informational of professionals have to meet certain criteria to work in certain countries.

RocketReach is legal because the platform finds and stores publicly available information using web crawls and data mining algorithms. It helps you to find and connect with prospects in any industry with a few clicks of the button. I would recommend you to try the free plan before you decide to use RocketReach for your prospecting needs.

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