About Me

​Hi, Hari Gopinath here. For the past 15 years I have been in the Digital Marketing Industry and today, in 2018, I am a Digital Marketing Specialist, an Artist and a Paid Traffic Evangelist.

Even though I am a graduate in Design and Marketing Communications, most of my skills are self-taught. I have been driving traffic, generating leads and sales for many years now and this blog is my platform to share my gratitude and knowledge with the online community that has taught me everything I am doing today.

In the past 15 years, I have:

►Delivered traffic, leads and sales to my clients, companies and their clients.

►Strategically built, managed and optimized search engine marketing and optimization campaigns for my client

► Executed Social and Search marketing campaigns for multinational companies to generate leads through SEO and SEM methods to generate highly qualified leads

► Designing and Developing high converting landing pages and websites for increasing ROI on paid and search traffic

► Lead capture and nurturing system integration for converting leads to sales.

► Running email marketing campaigns for creating engagement and driving sales to online products and services

► Collaborated with companies to strategically develop revenue generating websites that have been sold for 10 to 20 times the monthly revenue

► Provide insights into the optimization of landing pages and methods to improve conversion rates

► Managed several accounts which included interacting with designers, visualizers and clients.


I specialize in the following areas of Digital marketing:

1. Social Media Advertising
2. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
3. Traffic Generation
4. Conversion Rate Optimization
5. Conversion Centric Design
5. Email Marketing
6. Funnel Setup & Management
7. Tracking & Analytics

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