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Creating a Successful Blog Step by Step

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I have created more than 100 websites including blogs in the last few years alone but creating a successful blog is not easy and not impossible at the same time.  A few years ago, I was setting up blogs and websites for experimenting with different SEO strategies. This practice hooked me and started making blogs for fun and profitable. Why profitable? I started website flipping and sites with revenue sold much more than just websites with traffic.

Most of the sites have failed but the ones successful have paid for the failures too. I will be writing about my failures and success in this journey. You can take the successful strategies and avoid the mistakes.

There are a few reasons why I love blogs and the main reason is that it provides passive income. This is another reason why I can sell the website to anyone who wants to build passive income and who doesn’t want to?

I could set up a blog like planting a seed and nurture until it grows into a tree. Once it’s a tree it’s safe from rain and other animals that feed on it. Same way once the blog is grown into an authority of its own, it will grow organically without much of an active nurturing from my side.

The work is mostly upfront and then you reap the results later. Blogging is like farming in my perceptive and I love both of them.

Before you start creating a successful blog, we will review the building process, I will take you through the steps involved. They are as follows:

1. Niche Research
2. Keyword Research (Coming Soon)
3. Choosing the Content Management System (Coming Soon)
4. Choosing the hosting provider (Coming Soon)
5. Installing the blog (Coming Soon)
6. Installing blog themes and Add-ons (Coming Soon)
7. Creating pages (Coming Soon)
8. Creating Categories and your first Post (Coming Soon)
9. On-Page Optimization (Coming Soon)
10. Off-Page Optimization (Coming Soon)


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